Did you know you can donate to the CA DISCLOSE Act for free by shopping online?

Generate a $10 donation right away by joining iGive.com!

Automatically donate between 0.4% and 30% of your purchase price when you shop at hundreds of online stores through iGive.com — with no added cost!  Just make sure to install the iGive button.

This really works!

If you sign up by March 31st and select California Clean Money Campaign as your "Cause", we get $10 right away!

We've received several thousand dollars in commission donations in the last few years from members starting their shopping, without any added cost to them — so this really works and generates funds we can use to help pass AB 1648!

If you install the iGive.com button on your browser (don't worry, it's safe — we use it ourselves!), then the online stores you shop at will automatically donate between 0.4% and 30% of all your purchases to the California Clean Money Campaign.

Whenever you visit a store, it will tell you what percent of your purchases they'll donate.  On average, people who use install the iGive button generate $30 in free donations a year!

And if you sign up and install the iGive.com button now, they'll give $10 to CCMC:  $5 for signing up and another $5 for selecting the California Clean Money Campaign as your "Cause", as long as you keep the iGive.com button installed for at least 90 days.

Follow these steps to install the iGive button give us the $10 credit:

1.  Click here to go to iGive's "One Million Buttons for Change" page

2.  Click the green "Join Today >>>" button on that page."

3.  In "Select Cause", type "California Clean", then wait a second.  It should show a menu below on which you can select "California Clean Money Campaign".

4.  Fill out your information (you only have to fill in the fields with the red * next to them) and then click "TRY IT NOW >>".

5.  It will automatically start downloading the "iGive Button" add-on for you to install in your browser so that the stores that work with iGive know to give you (and CCMC) the donation when you shop there.  Follow the instructions to install it   it's safe and we use it ourselves.

That's it!  Just remember that you must install the iGive Button and keep it installed for 90 days — if you do we'll get the $10 credit and every time you shop at a store that donates through iGive, they'll donate between 0.4% and 30% of all of your purchases to the California Clean Money Campaign at no cost to you!

So sign up for iGive.com and install the button now!

Have Amazon donate 4%-7%
of your purchase costs!

Shop and Help
In exchange for your business, Amazon donates from 4%-7% of all purchases you make to the California Clean Money Campaign whenever you start from this button.

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