"Don't tell me what you believe in. Tell me what you do and I'll tell you what you believe in." --Abbie Hoffman.


Interested in any of these volunteer opportunities?

Then please email Info@CAclean.org or call (800) 566-3780.

And volunteer right now by taking Action!

Working Groups

Working groups of volunteers are active in a number of different areas of the state.  Members meet monthly to plan, design and implement Clean Money advocacy in their parts of the state.   This is a fantastic channel for you to offer your vision, skills and contacts on the road toward giving voters control over politics.  Check Events for an upcoming meeting near you.

If you're interested in taking part in a working group that's not listed in under Events, then contact us to let us your interest.

Become a Speaker

Join our Speaker's Program by becoming a California Clean Money Campaign speaker, a crucial part of our educational outreach program.   Regular speaking trainings provide an orientation on Clean Money, speechmaking tips, and instructions on how to speak about Clean Money and inspire new volunteers at organizations and house parties.   Watch Events for a speakers training near you or contact our office to find out more.

Find Events or Speaking Venues

Help us find events to speak at or provide information for.   Please let us know if you think your organization would like a Clean Money speaker or have ideas for organizations or events that might want a speaker.

Gather Petition Signatures & Inform

Letting Sacramento know how many people support Clean Money will help legislators get on board. Start gathering signatures right now by printing out our petitions and handout materials from our Print Materials section.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Please email Info@CAclean.org or call (800) 566-3780 to find out about these or other volunteer opportunities.

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