Campaign money

* Letter to the editor

By Jay Kapitz, Oak Park

Hidden funders with unlimited money are outspending presidential candidates. That's nothing new for California, though, where misleading political ads flood the TV and radio every election year. Worst of all, they hide behind false names like "People's Right to Vote."

The one bright spot in this mess is AB1148, the California DISCLOSE Act. Sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign, it would expose who really pays for political ads - right in the ads. They'd have to clearly show the top three funders. It's up for a vote in the state Assembly on Jan. 31.

Local Assembly member Julia Browley has authored this important piece of legislation that, if enacted, will provide transparency and accountability in political advertising. Everyone should be in favor of this and, in fact, 86 percent of Democrats, 78 percent of Republicans, and 88 percent of Independents in the Oct. 13 California Field Poll said they favored this kind of legislation.

Local Assembly members Jeff Gorell and and Cameron Smyth haven't yet said how they'll vote on AB1148. Hopefully they'll do the right thing for transparency in political advertising by voting yes, but it wouldn't hurt to call them.

- Jay Kapitz,

Oak Park

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