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By Letter to the Editor

Proposition 89, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, is an initiative that has been placed on the November ballot to reduce political corruption and make election to statewide office possible for those who are not wealthy. Proposition 89 will provide public funding for the election campaigns of those who wish to run for statewide office and who accept no private contributions to their campaign. It will also strictly limit campaign contributions.

Phil Angelides, Democratic candidate for governor of the state of California, has endorsed the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, stating: "It is time for the people of California to clean up the influence of money in our government. Our government should answer to the voices of Californians, not corporate special interests."

Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions of Ventura recognizes that peaceful resolutions to the challenges faced by humanity will not likely be achieved as long as money can influence votes as it does today. CPR has, therefore, officially endorsed Proposition 89.

Are you tired of politicians who vote as the corporations and the wealthy suggest they should? Are you ready for your vote to count? Vote for Proposition 89 in November!

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â€" Kristofer Young, Ojai

(The writer is a board member of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions. â€" Editor)

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