Letter to the editor

By Dave Henderson

Dear Editor,

I would wager that most Sonomans are as embittered as I am at our state politicians’ dependence on special-interest money, their incessant fundraising, and the consequent lack of attention paid to the individual constituent, you and me.

But there is now a well-designed, realistic way to cure our state’s pathological political system. I urge everyone to invest some time in learning about the Clean Money / Clean Elections Campaign Reform at www.CaliforniaCleanMoney.org or call 800-566-3780.

This is an initiative that will:

• remove access to wealth as a major factor for running for office,
• provide qualified candidates sufficient funds for a campaign,
• increase the accountability of elected officials to those who elected them, and
• reduce the influence of large contributors on legislation.

Pie in the sky? The good news is that this reform has already been introduced in Arizona and Maine, it’s practical, and it works.

Your investment of a little energy and money could shape our future. California needs this overhaul!

Dave Henderson
Sonoma, CA

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