AB 700 will ensure more transparency

By Nancy Neff, Letter to the editor

I was pleased to see Anna Eshoo's oped, "End secret sponsors of political advertisements" (Opinion, May 18), calling for greater transparency in federal elections. In California, too often the true funders of political ads are obfuscated by misleading committee names in a hard-to-read typeface. That's why the Legislature needs to pass AB 700, the California Disclose Act.

AB 700 would require the top three actual individuals, corporations or unions who provided the funds to be printed legibly on ballot measure ads.

Eshoo has been a strong supporter of the California Disclose Act from the start. To prevent ballot measure ads from misleading voters, the Legislature should pass AB 700 this year.

Nancy Neff

Regional Volunteer Coordinator California Clean Money Campaign
Palo Alto

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