Legislation will help track 'dark money'

By Craig Dunkerley, Letter to the Editor

I shake my head when I see the juxtaposition between the deepening drought and the unbridled attempts to build more homes and commercial buildings by delusional developers and public officials whose fantasy land beliefs tell them that perpetual population growth and endless economic growth are somehow possible in our finite world.

As strange as it might initially sound, this is all just another example of how "dark money" is corrupting our whole political system. It's that hidden money that greases government wheels and facilitates all this insane development. To free our elected officials from their unavoidable dependence on special-interest money, we really need full public financing of campaigns, but in the meantime, voters at least need to be able to see where all this money is coming from. Legislation like the California Disclose Act will bring precisely this kind of transparency to our electoral process.

Craig Dunkerley
South Bay Coordinator"‹ California Clean Money Campaign San Jose

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