Must shed light on who pays for political ads

By Mary McVey Gill, Letter to the Editor

The article "Dark Money," by Jessica Calefati (Page XX, Oct. 24), was very enlightening. It's outrageous that wealthy donors to political campaigns (whether liberal or conservative) can attempt to influence our elections anonymously.

This is exactly why we should strongly support SB 52, the California Disclose Act. SB 52 would require the top three funders of political ads to be named in the ads themselves so that we know who is behind them. Over $425 million was spent on California ballot measures last year alone.

Let's attempt to regulate the "dark money" problem Calefati describes by urging our legislators to pass SB 52, a nonpartisan bill that will shed some light on the political process here in California.

Mary McVey Gill

See the article on San Jose Mercury News website

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