"Clean Money" Bill Can Cure Corruption

By Donna Poulos, Letter to the Editor

Why didn't you mention in your story about how only the rich can run for governor that the cure for our sick political system is now before our state Legislature? (Page 1, April 5) AB 583, ``The California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act'' would allow any candidate who had sufficient public support, verified by a qualifying number of signatures and $5 contributions, to receive a set amount of public funding for his/her campaign. The clean-money candidate would have to promise not to take any private donations, including from himself/herself.

The system is already working well in Maine, where contested primaries increased 40 percent, and in Arizona, which has a ``clean'' governor and the majority of both Democratic and Republican candidates ran using clean money in 2002 and 2004.

Besides attracting more candidates, the availability of clean money can eliminate the corruption of special interests buying our elected officials. As candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger said, ``The money comes in, the favors go out, the people lose.'' Let the people win by urging passage of AB 583, the clean-money bill. It has passed the Assembly and is now in the state Senate.

Donna Poulos
Los Altos

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