Clean Money Act Deserves Support

By Craig Dunkerley, Letter to the Editor

Jack Knoll raised some concerns about the public financing of campaigns, as proposed in AB 583, the California Clean Money Act, which is now before the state Senate (Letters, March 30). Fortunately, they can be easily addressed.

Public financing would provide an alternative to PAC and other special-interest contributions to candidates. Candidates would have to show significant community support in their own district to qualify for public funds (thus eliminating frivolous candidates).

They also would have to agree to accept no private funds from any source, including themselves. And if a privately funded opponent or opposing PACs try to outspend the Clean Money candidate, the latter gets matching funds from the system. This helps keep the playing field level but also discourages such excessive spending in the first place.

Arizona and Maine have proven clean-money financing works. If readers encourage their legislators to support AB 583, California will do likewise.

Craig Dunkerley

South Bay Coordinator

California Clean Money Campaign-San Jose

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