Public Financing of Campaigns is Cheap

By Craig Dunkerley, Letter to the Editor

The article on Tuesday by Rose Ann DeMoro about a proven, sensible and inexpensive way to ge special interest money out of our political campaigns was great. Public financing of campaigns not only works well, it's also cheap (about $5.50 a year per voter). In fact it actually saves money because fewer special interest driven boondoggles and tax loopholes get passed by the legislature. As government becomes more accountable to voters, it also becomes more cost effective. The public interest replaces special interests as the primary concern of our lawmakers and everybody wins.

The Clean Money Fair Elections Act, AB 583, is up for a make-or-break vote in the Appropriations Committee on Wednesday January 18. I hope all your readers will call their Assemblymember before then and urge support of this crucial legislation.

Craig Dunkerley, San Jose

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