Force big-time political donors out of the shadows

By Mary Lou Williams, Letter to the Editor

The May 10 editorial "Bill would rid campaign ads of anonymity" is correct in saying we citizens need to demand a greater accountability at the state and national level of the people and groups who are attempting to influence our elections by providing copious amounts of money without identifying themselves.

We have a right to be informed voters and to participate in the political process whether through our local city councils, school boards, state legislatures or federal representatives.

Foothills Common Cause is a newly formed nonpartisan group that has joined the state and national movement to overturn Citizens United through the constitutional amendment process. Citizens United is the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that determined corporations are people and allows corporations and individuals to spend as much money as they want through PACs. This decision has erased campaign limits and seriously compromises democracy.

While we cannot overturn Citizens United at this time as constitutional amendments are time-consuming and iffy (remember the ERA?), we can force these shadowy groups and individuals to come out and reveal their support of specific legislators and political agendas. As citizens, we need to support the 2013 DISCLOSE Act through writing letters, visiting legislators and making phone calls.

Let's get the dough out of politics!

-- Mary Lou Williams, Upland

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