Overspending in an election? You ain't seen nothin' yet

* Letter to the editor

By David Schmidt, San Francisco

If you think a SuperPac spending $3 million in secret donations for Mitt Romney is bad ("Money games begin in Iowa," editorial, Jan. 3), wait until you see the unlimited campaign spending on California elections this year.

In 2010, special interests spent $235 million on ballot propositions alone in California, according to the California Clean Money Campaign.

That buys an awesome number of ads that hide the spenders' true identity behind fake committee names like Citizens Against Taxes, when it's really oil and tobacco corporations.

If you're sick of misleading political ads, tell your state legislators to pass the California DISCLOSE Act, AB 1148, to expose who's really paying for political ads, right in the ads themselves.

AB1148 will be the subject of a hearing and vote in the Assembly Elections Committee on Monday.

It would be a big step toward ending the dominance of money in California politics.

David Schmidt, San Francisco

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