Clean Money -- a Solution to Scandal

By Joni Eisen, Letter to the Editor

Editor -- I agree with Molly Ivins ("When privileges become rights,'' Feb. 21). We should "not let this mess (Abramoff scandal) go to waste'' in terms of effecting real reform in its wake.

The problem is not just illegal shenanigans; most of the pay-for-play politics in Sacramento and Washington is perfectly legal. The only way to fix our campaign-financing system is to pay for it ourselves.

We don't want government of, by and for special interests for whom campaign contributions are hugely profitable investments in future tax breaks, regulation limits, etc., far more costly to the taxpayers than full public financing of campaigns ever could be.

Clean Money systems in Arizona and Maine since 2000 have increased voter confidence and eliminated the fundraising dance for participating candidates.

We can have it here. AB583, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, passed the Assembly Jan. 30 and now faces the Senate. Call your state senator now to support Clean Money. AB583 will pay for itself many times over. We can't afford not to do this.

Joni Eisen
San Francisco

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