Governor's Dollar Haul Not 'Clean Money'

By Karla Bean, Letter to the Editor

Editor -- Your article on Gov. Schwarzenegger's fund-raising bonanza is no surprise -- it's politics as usual. But the outlandish $26.6 million he collected will raise the bar and exclude more qualified people from running for public office -- people concerned with issues that affect ordinary citizens like you and me.

Those who don't think it's our place to control the political pockets of our government probably don't realize that large campaign contributions are considered investments by special interests, because they make huge profits via relaxed restrictions, favorable legislation and a multitude of other "thank yous" that cost the state and Californians millions in paid-out or uncollected tax dollars.

And what benefits a special interest rarely benefits our state economy, our communities, our families, our environment or our quality of life, while taking away from educational and social enrichment programs that benefit everyone. We need to take our government back!



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