Governor's Dollar Haul Not 'Clean Money'

By Angela Onorato, Letter to the Editor

Editor -- The fact that our governor has surpassed all fund-raising records (why did we get rid of Gray Davis again?) shows how corrupted our system of campaign financing is.

It prompts me to ask what kinds of special favors Arnold Schwarzenegger's biggest contributors will get in return. Who will win and who will lose?

The ability to raise such astounding amounts of special-interest money from a few wealthy donors calls out for a new way to finance our elections. The time has come to implement a clean-money system of publicly financed campaigns.

Clean money allows for a greater diversity of candidates by creating a level playing field. Candidates can spend more time with their constituents instead of "dialing for dollars."

Isn't it time that we stop asking our politicians to sell their souls so they can be elected? California deserves better.



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