Governor's Dollar Haul Not 'Clean Money'

By Lucille Moyer, Letter to the Editor

Editor -- Regarding your article, "Governor sets money-raising record" (Nov. 17): Reading about the record-setting contributions accepted from special interests by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made it really hit home how desperately California and the whole country needs "clean money" -- publicly financed public elections rather than privately financed public elections -- and for all the obvious reasons.

But the one word that keeps running through my mind is "lies." The extent of the subterfuge perpetrated by Schwarzeneggar upon the trusting but often ignorant people of this state is mind-boggling. It's abhorrent and disgusting.

Worse, the people who believed him and voted for him still believe in him, in spite of his attack on their best interests, and on the disabled, and his plunging California into massive debt to relieve just one year of financial problems.

He is doing everything he accused former Gov. Gray Davis of -- and more. California has been duped.

The only way to stop this is to pass clean-money laws in California so that well-qualified citizens, who may not be rich, can have a fair chance to run for office and to represent the people of this state.

I hope everyone will support the California Clean Money Campaign. It's working in Maine and Arizona. And it can work here. It has to!


San Jose

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