Under the Influence

*Letter to the editor

By Ralph Daniels, Editorials

Editor -- In the Datebook section of the June 23 Chronicle, Jon Carroll wrote about the way in which the will of the populace is being subverted by lobbyists ("Who are the special people?"). His example dealt with the banking industry and the selling of customers' private information.

Lobbyists' influence is affecting almost every aspect of our lives, including air pollution, water pollution, the destruction of our national forests and wetlands, health-care issues, our children's education, the public airways and the "free" press, and women's right to choose.

The California Clean Money Campaign is organizing to make needed changes. There are versions of Clean Money Reform in place in Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. To learn more, log on to www.caclean.org.

Ralph Daniels, San Francisco

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