Governing for All, Not the Few

By Dennis Beaman, Letter to the Editor

Our country has been taken over by groups who are not concerned with the public good. The only way to represent all of the people is to change the way elections are conducted. These changes are necessary to ensure that we take back control of our country: Pay for political campaigns by using public monies divided among the candidates.

The FCC should require that the TV and radio stations provide ads to all candidates without cost during prime time. This can be done based on each party's percentages of registered voters for local, state and national elections. Also, preclude the use of any contribution from other sources, including a candidate's own funds, thus preventing the advantage of the rich that presently exists.

I suggest a U.S. constitutional amendment be made to accomplish these goals. This would prevent the influence of interest groups in the running of our government. It is time that our government return to the principle of government in the best interests of all, rather than that of the few. In addition, we should restrict any comments by candidates to their own qualifications and disqualify anyone from office who uses negative ads.

Dennis Beaman
El Dorado

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