"Clean Money"

By Ash Roughani, Letter to the Editor

Re "Overhaul of state electoral system sought," Dec. 20: The idea to create a citizens' assembly to focus on election reform is ambitious and noble. The proposal by Assemblymen Joe Canciamilla and Keith Richman is emblematic of the desire of California voters to have a more responsive legislative body. We should support their efforts as they make progress, but in the meantime urge our legislators to back Clean Money, a sensible and proven form of campaign finance reform.

Assemblywoman Loni Hancock's California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act of 2006, AB 583, would set up a voluntary system of public financing that would allow good people with new ideas to actually run for office and win.

The system is working wonders in Maine and Arizona, where more women and minorities have been elected than ever before. Candidates also appreciate the fact that they are forced to spend more time talking to voters - their potential constituents - rather than "dialing for dollars."

We should all support a citizens' assembly as a means of looking at reforms in the future, but why not get behind an effort to reform government today?

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