"The pen is mightier than the sword." -- Benjamin Franklin

Letters to the editor and op-eds by our supporters are one of the most effective ways to inform the public about the cost of today's system and how Clean Money is the solution. See published letters by our supporters below - and then write letters to your newspaper. Suggest Articles to tell us when you've been published.

Expand campaign funding

San Francisco Chronicle, by David Schmidt, 7/12/23

Assembly Member Lee's bill AB270 allows all cities, counties, and the state to create public campaign financing systems where candidates can get matching funds for small-dollar contributions. This empowers voters and reduces the influence of big-money contributors.  Full story

Column: If the public doesn't finance political candidates, special interests will happily step in

Los Angeles Times, by George Skelton, 4/3/23

Running for office costs barrels of money, especially in California. The money must come from somewhere. And as I've written many times, either the public buys the politicians or the special interests eagerly will -- and often do.  Full story

Letter: We need to get big money out of politics

San Jose Mercury News, by Karen Beck, 1/19/18

"The Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling eight years ago corrupted our democracy by allowing the rich to overrule the rest of us forever... By working locally, we can pass legislation like California DISCLOSE Act which lets the voters follow the money."  Full story

Bringing the dark money of California politics into the light

Orange County Register, by Sharon Quirk-Silva, 9/30/17

The DISCLOSE Act would be the strongest campaign advertisement finance law in the nation. California should set an example for this great nation, and ensure that our politics represent the people, not big-money corporations.  Full story

Here’s a bill that will help you figure out who’s trying to buy your vote

Sacramento Bee, by Senator Henry Stern and Assemblymember Mark Berman, 9/27/17

Voters should have the right to know the identities of people and organizations asking for their votes. By no longer allowing special interests to hide behind meaningless committee names, AB 249 would serve as an example to the nation for achieving more meaningful campaign disclosure.  Full story

AB 700 is no-brainer legislation

San Francisco Chronicle, by Sergio Klor de Alva, 6/2/15

"With AB700, we would see who actually pays for ballot proposition ads, by mandating that the top three funders of proposition campaigns disclose themselves clearly in the ads themselves..."  Full story

True funders of state political ads not clear

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 5/23/15

"Our state laws do not require the true funders of ads to be clearly and unambiguously disclosed. Instead, if they appear at all, they're in fine print, all caps (hard to read) and usually disguised with some misleading, innocuous sounding name like "Californians for Warm Puppies."..."  Full story

AB 700 will ensure more transparency

San Jose Mercury News, by Nancy Neff, 5/22/15

"In California, too often the true funders of political ads are obfuscated by misleading committee names in a hard-to-read typeface. That's why the Legislature needs to pass AB 700, the California Disclose Act."  Full story

Marin Voice: Legislation aims to neutralize big money in politics

Marin Independent Journal, by Greg Brockbank, 5/9/15

"The public is increasingly dismayed by the torrent of political ads bombarding airwaves and mail boxes at election time. The year 2016 is expected to be a record-breaking year, with estimated expenditures of $3.5 billion..."  Full story

‘Disclose Act’: antidote to dismal voter turnouts?

Los Angeles Daily News, by Thomas Elias, 4/2/15

"... All of which means that although the latest version of the DISCLOSE Act would still leave plenty more to be done, it would be a big step toward voters??™ understanding the political process and leveling a playing field that now tilts markedly toward large corporations..."   Full story

Legislation will help track 'dark money'

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 3/25/15

"... voters at least need to be able to see where all this money is coming from. Legislation like the California Disclose Act will bring precisely this kind of transparency to our electoral process."  Full story

Dark Money

San Francisco Chronicle, by David Schmidt, 2/3/15

"Voters have a right to know who's bombarding them with political ads. Thanks to San Francisco state Sen. Mark Leno, there's a simple solution, the California Disclose Act, which would require the top three funders of ballot proposition ads to be shown in large, clear print on their ads, including TV ads..."  Full story

Why did labor oppose transparency?

East Bay Express, by Robert Gammon, 9/10/14

"Ever since organized labor killed legislation late last month that would have improved transparency in political campaigns in California, many rank-and-file Democrats and good-government advocates have been angry and bewildered."  Full story

Letter: Disclose Act

Ventura County Star, by Allen Dirrim, 8/23/14

"Tell Assemblyman Jeff Gorell to continue his support for getting dark money out of politics at 916-319-2044. Tell him to make sure this vote happens, and that he votes yes."  Full story

Disclosure needs OK

San Luis Obispo Tribune, by William Arkfeld, 8/22/14

"We are now in the last two weeks of the legislative session. The Assembly has many bills to consider, but clearly SB 52 is the most important. So let’s turn up the pressure on our Assembly members to fix this mess and pass SB 52."  Full story

Glenda Olsen: 'Disclose' the secret donors

Modesto Bee, by Glenda Olsen, 5/31/14

"Sen. Cannella has already voted for [SB 52]. Assemblymember Olsen should do the same when she gets a chance this summer. If you want the light to shine on who is behind the political ads that bombard us at election time, call Assemblymember Olsen and encourage a “yes” vote."  Full story

More transparency a must in California politics

Merced Sun-Star, by Taylor Kollmann, 5/25/14

Gray should join Cannella and vote for the California Disclose Act to require political ads to list their top funders. This is an opportunity to bring much-needed transparency and accountability to the misleading political ads that bombard the airwaves each election.  Full story

Give L.A.'s regular voters a bigger voice

Los Angeles Daily News, by David Donnelly and Trent Lange, 4/30/14

"If the City Council adopts these participatory recommendations, Los Angeles will become one of the leaders in ensuring elections are about people, not big campaign checks..."  Full story

Yee just a small part of a much larger problem

San Jose Mercury News, by Eileen Sargent, 4/27/14

"I'm grateful that two Bay Area senators, Sen. Mark Leno and Sen. Jerry Hill, are working to pass the California DISCLOSE Act, SB 52, to require political ads to list their top three funders..."  Full story

Carole Stark: State law more important now

Modesto Bee, by Carole Stark, 4/9/14

"This makes the issue of transparency even more crucial and California has two laws ready to be passed addressing this: Senate Bill 27 and SB 52."  Full story

Wilk goes against voter wants

Santa Clarita Valley Signal, by Carole Lutness, 3/6/14

"It baffles me how Wilk goes against what voters clearly want, which is “transparency” in elections. The people want to know who is funding candidates and propositions because this helps them make informed choices and not be manipulated by slick media campaigns..."  Full story

California Disclose Act ensures transparency

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 2/18/14

"... Even worse, most of the money for things like political ads is spent anonymously. We could begin to fix this last part by supporting more legislation like the California Disclose Act, SB 52...."  Full story

Bill would unmask special interests

Palo Alto Daily Post, by Nancy Neff, 12/20/13

I appreciate the leadership of our own Senator Jerry Hill, author of SB 52 (with Senator Mark Leno) and a champion of Clean Money.  Full story

DISCLOSE Act would let voters know who's paying for campaign ads

Los Angeles Daily News, by Thomas Elias, 12/16/13

"That's what made the DISCLOSE Act the most important bill the Legislature considered in the past year, more so than fracking regulations, prison changes, drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants or anything else. It will be again in 2014."  Full story

Must shed light on who pays for political ads

San Jose Mercury News, by Mary McVey Gill, 10/31/13

"It's outrageous that wealthy donors to political campaigns (whether liberal or conservative) can attempt to influence our elections anonymously. This is exactly why we should strongly support SB 52, the California Disclose Act..."  Full story

Force big-time political donors out of the shadows

San Gabriel Valley Tribune, by Mary Lou Williams, 6/5/13

"The May 10 editorial "Bill would rid campaign ads of anonymity" is correct in saying we citizens need to demand a greater accountability at the state and national level of the people and groups who are attempting to influence our elections by providing copious amounts of money without identifying themselves."  Full story


San Jose Mercury News, by Dan Dippery, 6/5/13

"Imagine the power if everyone reading this took just a few minutes to write their Assembly members and asked them to do everything in their power to help SB 52 pass in the Assembly."  Full story

Who opposes disclosure?

San Francisco Chronicle, by Joni Eisen, 6/4/13

Voters need to know, when they see or hear a political ad, who the top three funders of that ad really are. An informed electorate is essential to a functioning democracy.  Full story

Follow the money

San Francisco Chronicle, by Bill Walzer, 6/4/13

I agree we need to know who pays for political ads. Then we can follow the money, so to speak, to find out if the ad serves our public interest or just some private special interest.  Full story

Voters demand to know

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nancy Neff, 6/4/13

I salute Republican Sen. Anthony Cannella for his "yes" vote and hope that his Republican colleagues in the Assembly follow his lead. They can take courage from the fact that 78 percent of Republican voters favor this measure.  Full story

Tom Elias: 'DISCLOSE Act' is year's most vital bill

Redding Record Searchlight, by Thomas Elias, 6/3/13

"That reality makes SB 52, the so-called DISCLOSE Act sponsored by Democratic state Sens. Mark Leno of San Francisco and Jerry Hill of San Mateo County, the single most important measure state lawmakers will consider this year."  Full story

Shine light on political ads

Fresno Bee, by Eleanor Garabedian, 5/30/13

"I liked your May 25 editorial about the California Disclose Act -- SB 52... Everyone from individuals, labor unions to Big Oil will be disclosed if this bill passes. It is truly fair and equitable."  Full story

Identifying ads' funders the right call

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 5/30/13

"Knowledge is power, and the DISCLOSE Act will place more power in the hands of the voters instead of a few veiled wealthy power brokers."  Full story

We need disclosure in political ads

San Gabriel Valley Tribune, by Bob Gerecke, 5/28/13

"We need to bring political ads out of the dark with clear disclosure of who's paying for them by passing Senate Bill 52, the California DISCLOSE Act."  Full story

State must change its campaign laws

Oakland Tribune, by Eloise Hamann, 5/23/13

"...there is something Californians can do now that will improve the election process, which is to raise their voices in support of SB 52, the California Disclose Act."  Full story

Californians need to know who's paying for politics

San Gabriel Valley Tribune, by Mark Byars, 5/22/13

"Political ads are self-serving, but many of them don't even tell us who the "self" is... SB 52 would change that..."  Full story

Shining a light on political donations

Washington Post, by Editorial Board, 5/22/13

"We think openness here is a more valuable public good than is providing a cloak for every fat cat who wants to remain hidden. . . . Now Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) has joined with a Republican, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, to offer a fresh attempt at a bipartisan bill, the Follow the Money Act . . . In a political system saturated with cash, transparency is the last, best hope for accountability."  Full story

Billionaires Now Own American Politics

The Progressive, by Andy Kroll, 5/20/13

" . . . [T]he traditional political parties, barred from taking all that limitless cash, seem to be sliding toward irrelevance. They are losing their grip on the political process, political observers say, leaving motivated millionaires and billionaires to handpick the candidates and the issues. "It'll be wealthy people getting together and picking horses and riding those horses through a primary process and maybe upending the consensus of the party," a Democratic strategist recently told me. "We're in a whole new world."  Full story

Letters: The Politics of Corporations

Los Angeles Times, by John M. Goodman, 5/9/13

What is little known about the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision is that eight of the nine justices also said that disclosure of who is paying for ads is really important — first, so voters can properly weigh the arguments; second, so shareholders can know how their companies are spending their money . . .   Full story

Reform does work, New York

Hartford Courant, by Denise Merrill and Miles Rapoport, 4/22/13

Connecticut's legislators are able to spend more time focused on the merits of proposals and on the needs of constituents, and less time attending special interest fundraisers . . . . The program is also incredibly popular with both parties. The 2012 election cycle saw a record number of candidates participate: 77 percent of elected legislators used the voluntary program and all statewide offices are currently held by public financing participants.   Full story

Following the (Dark) Money with Matea Gold

NPR, by BillMoyers.com Staff, 3/19/13

" . . . if there is a push for disclosure on one level you kind of run into a wall to find out who the original source is. And that’s exactly what happened in California this year when a group donated $11 million to influence ballot initiatives, and when California regulators tried to follow the trail back they ran into three different (c)(4)s that had been kind of the daisy chain of sources but never the original donor."  Full story

Russ Feingold on the Path to Campaign Finance Reform

Public Campaign, by BillMoyers.com Staff, 3/16/13

"Our agenda is to make it clear to people that we can overturn this [Citizens United] decision. But in the meantime, we can pass disclosure laws. You know, eight to one, the same Court in Citizens United said of course there should be disclosure . . . So getting that through Congress, passing disclosure at the state level, as in California. They’re very close to it."  Full story

Voters need disclosure

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nancy Neff, 2/25/13

" . . . voters need clear and prominent disclosure on political ads. The Legislature must pass the strongest bill for on-ad disclosure of the real funders of political ads: SB52 . . ."   Full story

Full disclosure all over

San Luis Obispo Tribune, by Malcolm McEwen, 1/14/13

"After all, if full disclosure is required before sex, then full disclosure should also be required before someone inserts propaganda into my mailbox, uses the radio to whisper sweet nothings into my ear, or seduces me with television spots."  Full story

COURSEY: Small steps toward campaign transparency

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, by Chris Coursey, 1/2/13

Last year, two attempts to pass what's known as the California DISCLOSE Act fell just a couple of votes short in the Assembly. . . . Now, Democrats have the votes to get it passed. . . . All it does is require campaign advertising — broadcast, print, online — to prominently include the names of its top three funding sources.  Full story

Viewpoints: Change the campaign disclosure game

Sacramento Bee, by Trent Lange, 11/25/12

"It took weeks of legal suits and an emergency ruling by the California Supreme Court to compel Americans for Responsible Leadership to reveal its hidden funding sources... We need to restore sanity and transparency to our elections by passing the California DISCLOSE Act."   Full story

Stronger disclosure laws are necessary

San Jose Mercury News, by Nancy Neff, 11/6/12

"We obviously need stronger disclosure laws. The incoming Legislature should pass the California DISCLOSE Act, sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign and supported by California Common Cause and the League of Women Voters..."   Full story

Election shows need for the California DISCLOSE Act

San Jose Mercury News, by Steve Levin, 11/6/12

"It also illustrates how badly we need to pass the California DISCLOSE Act next year to strengthen our disclosure laws and to make sure that political ads have to show who really pays for them."   Full story

California Supreme Court forced revelation of $11m

Palo Alto Online, by Elaine Elbizri, 11/5/12

"... It also illustrates how badly we need to pass the California DISCLOSE Act next year to strengthen our disclosure laws and to make sure that political ads have to show who really pays for them."  Full story

Support DISCLOSE Act

San Luis Obispo Tribune, by David Akey, 8/26/12

"On Aug. 20, AB 1648, the California DISCLOSE Act was passed in the state Assembly. This act stops special interests like super PACs from hiding the funders of their ads..."  Full story

Bring truth to political ads

Santa Clarita Signal, by Carole Lutness, 5/25/12

"AB 1648 will give the voters information about who is spending money to try to persuade them to vote for or against a particular candidate or proposition. That is information we all should have a right to know.  Please call Smyth's office at 661-286-1565 and tell him you want him to be the deciding vote."
  Full story

Support Disclose Act

Fresno Bee, by Francine M. Farber, 5/17/12

"A bill in the Assembly, AB 1648, is known as the California Disclose Act...  If you want a clean money campaign in your state this year, let your representatives in the Legislature know it. Tell them that voters deserve to know who really pays for political ads."   Full story

Avert democracy's doom

San Luis Obispo Tribune, by Malcolm McEwen, 4/1/12

"We need to enact legislation to require disclosure of who is paying for political ads. As Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently wrote: “Requiring people to stand up in public for their political acts fosters civic courage, without which democracy is doomed."  Full story

More voting transparency

Fresno Bee, by Diane Merrill, 3/19/12

"The League is supporting The California Disclose Act, AB 1648, because it will give voters needed information in a form that they can understand, with no more covering up who is behind political ads..."  Full story

DISCLOSE Act needs support

Bakersfield Californian, by Jason Harmeyer, 3/16/12

"The DISCLOSE Act would expose who really pays for political ads, by disclosing the top three funders of these unlimited Super PAC-type campaigns where it counts -- in the ads themselves, so no one can miss it."  Full story

What do campaign funders have to hide?

San Jose Mercury News, by John Fioretta, 2/18/12

"The Mercury News was spot on when it wrote there was no honorable reason to conceal who pays for a political ad. What do the opponents of this necessary reform have to hide?"  Full story

Transparency would have been good

Hi Desert Star, by Jason Gueltzow, 2/10/12

"Despite wide approval, 84 percent in polls across all party lines, on Jan. 31, the California Assembly failed to pass AB 1148.  It fell short of the requisite two-thirds majority by just two votes.  Sadly, my representative from the 65th Assembly District, Assemblyman Paul Cook, was one of the handful to vote against AB 1148."  Full story

Campaign money

Ventura County Star, by Jay Kapitz, 1/27/12

"The one bright spot in this mess is AB1148, the California DISCLOSE Act. Sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign, it would expose who really pays for political ads - right in the ads."  Full story

Money behind political ads would be disclosed

Visalia Times-Delta, by Dorothy Osak, 1/26/12

"As a member of the non-partisan League of Women Voters, I wish to bring attention to the proposed legislation AB 1148, the California Disclose Act. AB1148 would fight back against unlimited hidden spending on campaigns by letting voters know who really is paying for political ads — on the ads themselves..."  Full story

Time for real disclosure

Fresno Bee, by Amy Davis, 1/26/12

"Californians have a unique opportunity to take back control of our democratic process. It seems a common complaint among voters is that money buys elections and drives legislation. Now in California, we have AB 1148, the California DISCLOSE Act..."  Full story

The public has a right to know

Stockton Record, by Bea Lingenfelter, 1/20/12

"The League of Women Voters of California has long promoted campaign finance laws that ensure full disclosure of contributors to candidates and ballot measures.  For this reason, we are pleased to support the California Disclose Act, AB1148 (Brownley)..."  Full story

Disclose PAC contributors

Fresno Bee, by Connie Peterson, 1/13/12

"Californians need to know that AB 1148, the California DISCLOSE Act, is currently wending its way through the state Legislature..."   Full story

Overspending in an election? You ain't seen nothin' yet

San Francisco Chronicle, by David Schmidt, 1/5/12

"If you're sick of misleading political ads, tell your state legislators to pass the California DISCLOSE Act, AB 1148, to expose who's really paying for political ads, right in the ads themselves."   Full story

Yes on H: Keep Special Interests at Bay

LA Progressive, by Anjuli Kronheim, 3/3/11

"All politics is local and we believe that if, not when, Los Angeles succeeds in passing Measure H, we will send an important message that we are taking back our democracy.  It does not belong to We the special, well-financed interests.  Our democracy belongs to We the People."   Full story

Public financing and truth in campaigns

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 10/19/10

Campaign spending is a threat to our democracy.  The cure is Public Financing of election campaigns and Truth in Political Advertising.  Full story

Proposition 15 is a good start

Monterey County Herald, by Larry Parrish, 5/13/10

"I wonder, is anyone out there sick and tired of corporate money and other well-heeled special interests running (and ruining) our government? The people's government? If so, I strongly recommend voting yes on Proposition 15..."  Full story

Prop. 15, state's Fair Elections Act, gets money out of politics

Ventura County Star, by Steve Bennett and Kathy Long, 5/10/10

"In June, California voters will have a rare chance to get money out of politics by voting “Yes” on Proposition 15, the California Fair Elections Act... "  Full story

Yes on Prop. 15

North County Times (San Diego), by Nick Shestople, 5/8/10

"Most everyone agrees that there is too much money driving the political process. These aren't bribes, but how do you say "no" when a $10,000 donor makes a suggestion?...  It's time California cleans up its act. This is a small first step. Vote yes on Prop. 15."  Full story

Consumer Federation on Prop. 15

Orange County Register, by Richard Holober, 5/8/10

"Our state's broken campaign-finance system forces lawmakers to spend too much time begging for money from big contributors seeking favors and not enough time focusing on solving problems and representing their constituents..."   Full story

Yes on Proposition 15: Elections Should be Won, Not Bought

South Los Angeles Report, by Anjuli Kronheim, 5/6/10

"We know that Fair Elections work. Nearly 400 candidates from different backgrounds have been elected with this system in eight states and two cities— new people with new ideas from all walks of life, not the same old career politicians..."   Full story

Getting Out the Vote for "Yes on Proposition 15"

Beyond Chron, by Wayne Williams, 5/5/10

"Proposition 15 on the June ballot will change the way we finance election campaigns so politicians stay focused on the job we sent them to do! Prop 15 gets participating politicians out of the fund raising game and back to solving California’s problems..."   Full story

Prop 15 lets us try a race that is won, not bought

Sacramento Bee, by Derek Cressman and Janis R. Hirohama, 5/2/10

"Personal wealth or connections to powerful interests shouldn't be a requirement to run for office. We need to change campaigns so that elections are won, not bought. Proposition 15 is a modest step in the right direction that sets us up for a giant leap in the future. Vote yes on Proposition 15."  Full story

Marin Voice: Proposition 15 takes us a step toward fair campaigning

Marin Independent Journal, by Greg Brockbank, 5/2/10

"MOST PEOPLE are well aware of - and sickened by - the increasingly excessive amount of money candidates for public office feel forced to raise from private donors... Proposition 15, the California Fair Elections Act on the June 8 ballot, is an important first step toward changing that in California by getting politicians out of the fundraising game..."  Full story

Prop. 15 means fair elections

Ventura County Star, by Janis R. Hirohama, 5/1/10

"Proposition 15 is a big step in the right direction. It spells the beginning of the end for big money in California politics. It’s time to stop the dominance of wealthy candidates and donors and ensure that elections will be won, not bought..."  Full story

Yes on 15: Elections should be won, not bought

San Francisco Chronicle, by Janis R. Hirohoma, 4/24/10

"Prop. 15 is the beginning of the end for big money in California. It will stop the dominance of wealthy candidates and donors, so politicians are accountable to their constituents, not their contributors."   Full story

A little proposition with big potential

Los Angeles Times, by George Skelton, 4/21/10

Prop. 15, on the June 8 ballot, would permit public financing of elections for secretary of state — and it could be a first step toward reducing the influence of special interests.   Full story

Proposition 15

Ventura County Star, by Anthony Montapert, 4/20/10

"I support Proposition 15 (California Fair Elections Act) because I am tired of our current political system that is slanted in favor of special-interest corporations instead of the individual citizen."   Full story

Accountability needed

Ventura County Star, by Kate Faulkner, 4/20/10

"This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get elected officials out of the never-ending fundraising cycle, make our elected officials more accountable to the people of California and reduce the influence of big money."   Full story

Proposition would change state politics

Antelope Valley Press, by Terry Van Hook, 4/9/10

"Governor Schwarzenegger said it in 2003:  "Here's how it works, Money goes in.  Favorgs go out.  The people lose."  Seven years later it's the same game with no changes.  It's time we get politicians out of the fundraising game..."  Full story

Get politicians out of fundraising game

San Jose Mercury News, by David D. Schmidt, 4/6/10

"Your editorial for Yes on 15 (April 1) points the way to change the way we finance election campaigns. Everybody knows the current system is broken... Vote Yes on 15."   Full story

Missing two points

Oakland Tribune, by Darcy Crosman, 4/5/10

"I believe the public will support the fair elections candidate because the constituents know that candidate will be responsive to them, not special-interest donors."   Full story

Yes on Prop. 15 is the first step to fix our broken political system

Oakland Tribune, by Loni Hancock, 4/4/10

"My experience in the Legislature convinced me that we must change the way we finance election campaigns so that elected officials are able to focus ONLY on the needs of the people who elected them, rather than on fundraising from special interests."   Full story

California campaign finance reform starts with baby steps

Monterey County Weekly, by Bill Monning, 4/1/10

"On June 8, California voters will have the opportunity to remove the taint of large campaign contributions from state elections, at least on a trial basis for the secretary of state in 2014 and 2018."   Full story

Use public funding for elections

San Jose Mercury News, by Dale Leuthold, 3/30/10

"A recent letter suggested that a rich candidate spending her own money running for office is better than a candidate running with special-interest money. Neither situation is good for democracy...  There is another way to finance elections: public funding for candidates. Proposition 15."   Full story

Wrong on Prop. 15

Oakland Tribune, by Anne Spanier, 3/24/10

"States with public financing of campaigns find that citizens prefer voting for public candidates, opening the door to more candidates without special-interest ties."  Full story

Corporate political spending

Los Angeles Daily News, by Anjuli Kronheim, 3/16/10

"... There are solutions. In California, Proposition 15 will create a pilot program to ensure the secretary of state's election is not bought by special interests. In Congress, the Fair Elections Now Act does the same."   Full story

Campaign financing, not texting, is the real lobbyist problem in Sacramento

San Jose Mercury News, by Derek Cressman, 3/12/10

"... If Perez is serious about curtailing the power of special interest lobbyists, he should focus on the real source of power, not the technologies used to exercise that power. Ultimately, that means a shift from private financing of campaigns to one of public financing. Passage of Proposition 15 is the first step in that shift. "   Full story

Nothing getting done

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 3/12/10

"The reason our institutions are so feeble and that citizens have so little confidence in them is because of the stranglehold wielded by special interests over our political system...  Let's return to a democratic system where big money doesn't call all the shots, normal citizens' interests are paramount, and change is possible..."   Full story

Special interests

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 3/9/10

"The reason our institutions are so feeble and that citizens have so little confidence in them is because of the stranglehold wielded by special interests over our political system... One way to get there is through a voluntary system of public financing for elected officials to loosen that stranglehold... Proposition 15 this June."   Full story

Support public financing

San Francisco Chronicle, by Lynn Davidson, 2/26/10

"To make politicians really represent the public, we need the option of voluntary public financing of election campaigns, beginning with the pilot program for secretary of state proposed in Proposition 15, on the June ballot..."  Full story

Reclaim our Congress

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nancy Neff, 2/15/10

"It's about time for the people to make the investment in elections and get the incredible return on investment that corporations now get from their donations."  Full story

Keep Wall St. out of ballot box

San Francisco Chronicle, by Bill Walzer, 2/14/10

"We should not allow the wealth of Wall Street banks and oil companies to influence our elections...  Vote yes on Prop. 15 in June and make our government serve the public interest."   Full story

Clean up the sugar

Santa Clarita Valley Signal, by Carole Lutness, 1/30/10

"I would like to invite the public and the City Council to our next SCV Fair Elections meeting... to learn about the California Fair Elections Act...  This is a vital piece of the puzzle if we are to temper the influence of gigantic international corporations and banks on our electoral process. "   Full story

Solutions already at hand for campaign-spending excesses

Sacramento Bee, by Daniel Newman, 1/23/10

"Research by MAPLight.org, a nonpartisan nonprofit that reveals relationships between campaign donations and legislative votes, has repeatedly shown that politicians' relentless fundraising has a payoff to interest groups that provide the funds. We find that on issue after issue, how lawmakers vote aligns with the interest groups that fund their campaigns."  Full story

Time to ditch the lobbyists

San Francisco Chronicle, by Dale Mead, 1/17/10

"The core corruption of virtually every American electoral system (Sacramento being a glaring example) is private interests financing elected officials' campaigns...  You only own something when you pay for it. It's time to buy back our democracy."  Full story

Change campaigns

Ventura County Star, by Sandy Emberland, 1/7/10

"Throwing out everyone in office does not solve the problem. It only allows a different group to get involved with big donations, and, thus big favors. We need to change how we finance campaigns so politicians stay focused on the job we sent them to accomplish...."  Full story

No campaign contributions

San Francisco Chronicle, by Carol Cross, 1/6/10

"It's disheartening to read how political campaigns finagle to circumvent the restrictions placed upon them by voters in California...  Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: In June, there will be an item on the ballot..."   Full story

Money Talks: Public election $$ can make public's voice heard

Newsletter, by Brian Carr, 1/1/10

"Why support the California Fair Elections Act? Because if we want clean air and water and lawmakers who tackle issues like global warming, we need fair elections."  Full story

How to create elections that money can't buy

LA Progressive, by Wayne Williams, 1/1/10

"The amount of money in politics is outrageous and it is corrupting our Democratic system... On the upcoming June 8th, 2010 Election, we Californians will have a chance to set up a new way to change this game, for the better..."  Full story

Neutralize elections

Los Angeles Times, by Nick Gleiter, 12/24/09

"We want spirited debate and clear ideals to propel a candidate into office, and that will only happen if we neutralize big-money elections. The California Fair Elections Act on the ballot for June 2010 would do that for the office of Secretary of State."  Full story

Make elections fair

Ventura County Star, by Jay Kapitz, 12/22/09

"We need to get our elected officials back to representing us.  We now have a chance to fix this corrupt system!  The California Legislature has passed, and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed, Assembly Bill 583, which places the California Fair Elections Act on the California June ballot..."   Full story

Government according to the wishes of the people

Pasadena Star-News, by Joanne Nagy , 12/16/09

"I was delighted to read the summary of the need for public financing of elections in California by Trent Lange...  I am getting weary of hearing that California is "ungovernable" because of defects in our political systems..."  Full story

Money always talks

Los Angeles Times, by Tobi Dragert, 12/11/09

"I think it would be stupid to assume AEG gets no payback for its huge donations to city politicians. Smart businesses don't invest in politicians unless there is a reasonable rate of return.."   Full story

True health care reform requires campaign finance reform

California Progress Report, by Zenei Cortez, 12/7/09

"One important lesson we can learn from the year long debate on healthcare reform is that big special interest money is still corrupting our political process and our democracy... It's long past time to reclaim our electoral process so that our officials serve voters, not the biggest industry donors."  Full story

Take the fundraising out of elections

San Gabriel Valley Tribune, by Trent Lange, 11/28/09

There are lots of lessons to be drawn from Gavin Newsom's exit from the gubernatorial race, but one of the more instructive ones is how significant a role money plays in determining how much choice voters have.  Full story

For fair elections

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nancy Neff, 11/25/09

"Seven states and two cities have elected 400 candidates under public campaign funding systems similar to that proposed on our June 2010 ballot in the California Fair Elections Act...  Sounds like success to me."  Full story

Supporting fair elections

Oakland Tribune, by Jay Ashford, 11/17/09

The author asks what it will take to get a government that will act for people instead of large corporations.... Fortunately, California has the opportunity to vote in June 2010 on a pilot project for bringing fair elections to our state.  Full story

Healthy elections

San Francisco Chronicle, by Brian Carr, 11/16/09

"The California Fair Elections Act on the June 2010 ballot is a modest start, but if you want your representatives to represent you, and not corporate donors and lobbyists bearing gifts, it is the only way to go."  Full story

Fair Elections Act

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 11/8/09

"Could it be that instead of continuing to moan and groan about how the government is in the hands of crooks and their obedient servants in the Legislature, Californians are finally ready to take matters into their own hands and do something about it?"   Full story

The election playing field

Orange County Register, by Larry Agran, 11/5/09

"The current broken system of campaign financing isn't a symptom of our political problem:  it's a cause of it.  Elected officials have to spend so much time fundraising for their next election that it takes away from their time to solve the many serious problems we face in California..."  Full story

Empower us

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 9/30/09

"I recently read a Times article that amid the California budget crisis, lawmakers are being wined and dined....  How much longer are we going to tolerate this? We need public financing of elections, beginning with the passage of the California Fair Elections initiative in 2010...."  Full story

Money puts democracy in danger in East Valley - and rest of U.S.

Los Angeles Daily News, by Al Sheahen, 9/28/09

"For starters, we can wake up and vote yes on the California Fair Elections Act in June 2010. This modest measure creates a pilot project to provide voluntary public financing for candidates running for secretary of state..."   Full story

Campaign finance: Getting the legislature out of bed with lobbyists

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nancy Neff, 9/21/09

"Californians have long suspected that the Legislature is in bed with lobbyists; now we know it is sometimes literally true... We can alter that relationship in a very real and substantial way by voting for public financing of election campaigns - the California Fair Elections Act on our June 2010 ballot."   Full story

Campaign finance

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nancy Neff, 9/21/09

"Californians have long suspected that the Legislature is in bed with lobbyists; now we know it is sometimes literally true... We can alter that relationship in a very real and substantial way by voting for public financing of election campaigns - the California Fair Elections Act on our June 2010 ballot."  Full story

Ballot measure would help minority candidates

Long Beach Press Telegram, by Warren Furutani, 9/7/09

"Implementing the California Fair Elections Act will help ensure that the "future date" when underrepresented communities are equally represented in Sacramento will come even sooner."  Full story

Fix pay-to-play

San Francisco Chronicle, by Lynn Davidson, 8/31/09

"As one of the 83 percent who feel the Legislature is not working for me, I support the California Fair Elections Act..."  Full story

Rewrite Sacramento's pay-to-play rules

San Francisco Chronicle, by Trent Lange and Richard Holober, 8/27/09

"Voters will have the chance to shake up business as usual by passing the California Fair Elections Act on the June 2010 ballot...  The California Fair Elections Act is based on the simple notion that elected officials should be accountable to the voters, not donors and special interests..."
  Full story

Register a vote for fair elections

San Jose Mercury News, by Joe Ely, 8/24/09

"The California Fair Elections Act, which will be on the June 2010 ballot, will be our first opportunity to make our state government a better democracy... This pilot measure will prove that we can elect leaders who aren't wealthy and who refuse to sell out to wealthy supporters."   Full story

Allow public funds for campaigns

San Jose Mercury News, by Lynn Davidson, 8/23/09

"... Leveling the playing field so that the non-rich and the unsold-out can hold public office will let us take back power from the big-money special interests that have paralyzed our state for too long and return it to ordinary citizens. Fair Elections will help California to move forward."   Full story

Janis R. Hirohama: Fair Elections Act is first step from abyss

Sacramento Bee, by Janis R. Hirohama, 8/22/09

"The League of Women Voters, one of the state's oldest government reform organizations... will continue to champion sensible reforms such as the California Fair Elections Act, which will appear on the June 2010 ballot to reduce the influence of the special interests that use money to buy power in Sacramento."   Full story

Campaign funding bill will open doors to the non-rich

San Jose Mercury News, by Liz Figueroa, 8/20/09

"As a Latina who was first elected to public office more than 25 years ago, I am proud to see how far we have come in my lifetime and reminded of how far we have to go...  That's why I'm supporting the California Fair Elections Act, which will appear on the June 2010 ballot."   Full story

Reform we need

San Bernardino Sun, by Trent Lange, 7/23/09

"The Sun's article "Pair of reports highlight campaign contributions" illustrates some of the problems California's current money-driven campaign system presents for our democracy.  Now, let's talk about solutions..."   Full story

Fair Elections: A fair shot at the California dream

Capitol Weekly, by Hector De La Torre, 6/25/09

"While running for office takes dreams, not to mention hard work, it also takes money... That’s why I’m supporting the California Fair Elections Act (CFEA), which will appear on the June 2010 ballot..."   Full story

Only Fair Elections can fix our broken system

Pasadena Star-News, by Trent Lange, 6/12/09

"The California Clean Money Campaign sponsored the California Fair Elections Act (AB 583) with the simple notion that Legislators should be accountable to the voters, not donors...  The California Fair Elections Act represents the change voters want and the reform California needs."   Full story

A chance to run clean campaigns

San Jose Mercury News, by Nick Gleiter, 5/25/09

"California has its own pilot Fair Elections Act coming on the June 2010 ballot which will let secretary of state candidates get out of the pay-to-play system which plagues California politics from the governor's office on down..."   Full story

Get out from under special interests

San Jose Mercury News, by Jay Ashford, 5/19/09

"Representatives who are elected using public funds can spend their time and energy on meeting the needs of the people they're sworn to represent, instead of falling over themselves to return favors to the fat-cat contributors who bankrolled their elections..."   Full story

Support for public funding of elections

San Jose Mercury News, by Nancy Neff, 5/19/09

"I was thrilled to read Tom Ammiano's unequivocal commentary (Opinion, May 18) in support of both the Congressional Fair Elections Now Act and the California Fair Elections Act. Public funding of elections is the only thing that provides any hope..."   Full story

Public financing

Oakland Tribune, by Jay Ashford, 4/6/09

"... Until we enact full public financing of elections for all of our state legislators, which has been calculated to cost a mere $6 per voter per year, we taxpayers can expect to remain on the losing end of this game for years to come."   Full story

We need fair elections

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 3/26/09

"The editor is right in saying that if recipients were not influenced, "interest groups would not be offering gifts as a way to get access to legislators."  However, gifts are just the tip of the iceberg..."   Full story

Easy Fix

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nancy Neff, 3/14/09

"Two pieces on the same day (March 11), "The Big Squeeze" and "Take the sleaze out of judicial elections," point to the same solution: public financing of elections."   Full story

Comparing the 2009 California Reforms

California Progress Report, by Zack Kaldveer, 3/4/09

"The Secretary of State race makes an ideal test for public financing because voters understand that the person that oversees their elections should be completely free from any possible pressures - or even perceived conflicts of interest - due to private campaign contributions..."   Full story

Lack of Funds Spells Defeat

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 2/13/09

"This is why we so badly need full public financing in California and U.S. elections, so that highly qualified candidates who aren't millionaires and don't have millionaire friends, and who don't want to trade favors for big special interest donations can have a fighting chance to work solely for the public interest...."   Full story

Money and Favors

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 12/17/08

"Call it whatever you want: quid pro quo, pay-to-play, bribery and extortion. It's a growing cancer on our democracy and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's acts are simply a particularly blatant and artless example of it..."  Full story

Public Financing to Clean Up Politics

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 12/12/08

"The arrest of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich for soliciting various payoffs in exchange for political favors is troubling to say the least...  until we have public financing of all campaigns, the corrosive influence of private money will quietly continue to make a mockery of our democracy."  Full story

Leveling the Campaign Playing Field

CityWatch LA, by Reatha Simon, 10/3/08

"There must be a better way to obtain a government for the people, by the people.  Perhaps the people of Connecticut, Arizona, and Maine have found that way.  They have all adopted Full Public Funding Systems for Electoral campaigns."  Full story

Campaign Finance Reform Measure To Appear On California June 8, 2010 Ballot

California Progress Report, by Julie Rajan, 10/1/08

In what Center for Governmental Studies' President Bob Stern termed "the biggest political upset of the year in California", AB 583, the California Fair Elections Act (Hancock, D-Oakland), has now been signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger after having passed through the legislature on August 30th.  Full story

Asking Governor Schwarzenegger to Sign AB 583

California Progress Report, by Keith S. Richman, M.D., 9/26/08

"As a recently termed-out Republican Assemblymember, I support AB 583 (Hancock), the California Fair Elections Act, that is currently on the Governor’s desk...  I believe that this is an historic opportunity for California to lead the nation in reform of the problem of special interest money in politics..."   Full story

California Democratic Leaders Doing Right Thing for Voters as AB 583 Moves to Senate Floor

California Progress Report, by Trent Lange, 8/19/08

As reports come in that lobbyists spent more than $143 million trying to influence legislation in Sacramento in just the first six months of this year, Californians are close to having the opportunity to vote on exploring a much-needed alternative to the way we finance election campaigns.   Full story

State Races Need Clean Money

Los Angeles Times, by Craig Dunkerley, 8/12/08

"The impending dance of lobbyists and legislators in Sacramento reminds me how humiliating and unseemly the election process is...  If we had public campaign financing like they do in Arizona, Maine and Connecticut, this torrid annual spectacle would fade away and we'd see government accountable to voters instead of to big donors..."  Full story

State Races Need Clean Money

Los Angeles Times, by Nancy Neff, 8/12/08

"Californians would benefit if legislators' "status in the house" depended on their legislative ability and not on how much money they raised for the party.  An upcoming bill has the potential to change the whole lousy system..."  Full story

Clean Money Pilot Program Moves to California Senate Floor with Lobbyists as the Only Serious Organizational Opposition

California Progress Report, by Julie Rajan, 8/11/08

The full State Senate will soon have the opportunity to make history in California by passing “Clean Money, Fair Elections” public financing of campaigns after AB 583, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act (Hancock, D-East Bay), was voted out of the Senate Appropriations Committee Thursday on a 9-6 party-line vote.  Full story

Clean Money and Fair Elections Have a Fighting Chance in California

California Progress Report, by Trent Lange, 8/4/08

"... In opposition on the other side will be lined up representatives of the Institute of Governmental Advocates….i.e. the lobbyists.  The battle lines are drawn. Who will win the fight for the first step towards fairer elections in California -- the people or the lobbyists?"   Full story

Bringing Election Reform

Marin Independent Journal, by Moira Brennan, 7/20/08

"Publicly financed campaigns help create more free speech through "fair fight" funds.  Saying that publicly financed elections will "have no effect on IECs" ignores the evidence in Arizona, where IECs against Clean candidates dropped almost 60 percent between 2002 and 2006..."  Full story

Financing For Democracy

Marin Independent Journal, by Carol Olwell, 7/10/08

"We have the best democracy that money can buy, and unfortunately it does exactly that... Many of us voters feel the only way to get the influence of money out of national and local elections is to publicly finance them..."  Full story

A Growing Trend

Marin Independent Journal, by Anita Fieldman, 7/9/08

"Support for the effort here, called Marin Clean Elections, is growing as voters learn that "clean" campaigns increase diversity and citizen participation, create more public confidence in government, and allow politicians to spend time on issues rather than raising money."  Full story

Keeping Local Campaigns Clean

Marin Independent Journal, by Jonathan Frieman, 6/30/08

"There is an effective remedy to both the rising costs of campaigns and the paucity of candidates. And this same remedy is the best deterrent against independent expenditures: Full public funding of campaigns..."  Full story

Use Public Funds

Los Angeles Times, by Trent Lange, 6/26/08

"... This is yet another example of why Los Angeles needs to move to full public funding of its election campaigns. Then voters would never have to wonder why elected officials were doing so much for big-money campaign contributors, because there wouldn't be any."  Full story

Public Funding for Cleaner Campaigns

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 2/25/08

"Your article on skyrocketing independent expenditures and the distorting effect they have on our electoral process was very informative. I only wish our Sacramento legislators would follow the lead of Arizona and Maine, two states that solved this problem over a decade ago by passing full public financing of campaigns..."   Full story

Stimulus Plan Sets Stage for Economic Fallout

San Francisco Chronicle, by Dale Mead, 2/10/08

"We don't own our elections; private interests do, by financing candidates' campaigns. The corruption is as brazen as street-corner drug deals and as systemic as cancer..."  Full story

Election Spending Needs Reform

Ventura County Star, by Elinor Gustafson, 2/7/08

"I would hope the first priority for our new president will be to address our outrageous election spending...  Promoting the Clean Money Act would be a good place to start."  Full story

Money Talks, But Clean Money Walks

Alumni Magazine, by David D. Schmidt, 1/23/08

"What if they gave an election that money can’t buy? It’s a matter of life and death... If we want government that’s responsive to the voters, not big money contributors, we have to start rewarding good behavior, not bad. Clean Money does that..."  Full story

Lobbying Rips Off the Public

Los Angeles Times, by Tobi Dragert, 12/5/07

"As long as candidates must use private funding, citizens will pay more than they would pay for elections...  If the public doesn't provide the money that politicians need to run for office, then big money and the wealthy will continue to do so..."  Full story

Public Financing Works Elsewhere

San Jose Mercury News, by Joe Ely, 11/7/07

"Sunnyvale City Councilman Christopher Moylan (Opinion, Nov. 4) demonstrates that he is a rare example of a politician who puts the public interest ahead of his own.... Our voters deserve honest, competitive elections.  They deserve the clean-money system of full public campaign financing that has worked so well in Arizona and Maine."  Full story

Public Financing Gets My Yes Vote

San Jose Mercury News, by Brian Carr, 11/6/07

"... it is naive to expect candidates to disregard the interests of those who fund their campaigns.  If special interests finance campaigns, candidates will give those contributors special attention.  It's just not that complicated."  Full story

The Case for Clean Money

Marin Independent Journal, by Rene' Rushin, 10/23/07

"... The only solution to such corrupt, irrational, undue political influence is campaign reform such as Clean Money, which limits public financing to candidates who must demonstrate support from a number of registered voters, not just a single, wealthy individual."  Full story

Guaranteed-Clean Redistricting

Los Angeles Times, by Trent Lange, 7/2/07

"... The California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act (AB 583) would set up a similar "clean money" system in California. If the legislators want to assure the public that campaigns are competitive in exchange for loosening term limits, they should pass it along with redistricting reform."  Full story

Clean Money The Way To Reform Elections

Capitol Weekly, by Susan Lerner, 4/12/07

"...There is an alternative: A voluntary clean-money system for publicly funding election campaigns. Since qualified candidates use public funds and aren't allowed to use any private funds on their campaigns, they are beholden only to the public and the voters. In other words, the public reaps the benefit of campaign investments instead of private contributors..."   Full story

Public Campaign Funds Check Big Money

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nancy Neff, 2/25/07

"...Our Constitution was built on checks and balances. We need to check the runaway power of money in government. Full public financing of campaigns does just that, protecting the rights of the non-rich to be heard."   Full story

Change Needed on Term Limits

Los Angeles Times, by Trent Lange, 2/20/07

"Although a redistricting overhaul would help, one of the biggest problems is that incumbents raise huge campaign war chests from special interests, swamping any would-be opponents...  The solution is to ease term limits, overhaul redistricting and provide full public financing of campaigns."  Full story

The Real Cost of Free Speech

Los Angeles Times, by Brandon Marlowe, 2/2/07

"... Until elections are about ideas instead of money, our democracy is lost. We need full public financing of elections and free air time for candidates, not handouts to our plutocracy under the guise of free speech."  Full story

Public Wins by Funding Campaigns

Los Angeles Times, by Lou Del Pozzo, 1/25/07

"We need to enact meaningful public funding laws now and persuade voters to let candidates know that their participation is indicative of their intent to base campaigns on issues and spend their time in office paying attention to the public's business..."  Full story

Inaugural's Donors

Los Angeles Times, by Craig Dunkerley, 1/4/07

"In reading the article on special interest donations to the governor's inaugural, I have to wonder how anyone expects us poor, lowly voters to believe that all that money isn't buying any access or influence... It's time to take the "for sale" sign off our government. What we need to "inaugurate" in California is nonpartisan public financing of campaigns."   Full story

Yes, Drain the Swamp

San Francisco Chronicle, by Craig Dunkerley, 12/22/06

"If we ever hope to resuscitate our fading democracy, we need to enact public financing of campaigns at all levels of government. Special interest control of government through campaign contributions must end."   Full story

CTA Opposition to Prop 89 Misguided

Santa Cruz Sentinel, by No Author, 11/5/06

  Full story

Yes on Prop 89

Petaluma Argus Courier, by Carol Larson, 11/1/06

"On no issue in November are the lines more clear than Proposition 89, the initiative to curb political corruption and crack down on the stranglehold of the HMOs, big insurance, oil and drug companies and other deep pocket interests..."
  Full story

Cut the Strings: Vote Yes on Prop 89

Bay Area Business Woman, by Tara Marchant, 11/1/06

"Clean money has jumpstarted in Maine and Arizona, and the constituents like it. They are voting for people who they know represent their interests because Clean Money elections create a level playing field..."  Full story

Prop. 89 good for democracy

Vacaville Reporter, by Craig Dunkerley, 10/28/06

Proposition 89 is nothing new. It's supported by the League of Women Voters, California Common Cause, AARP and countless other "good government" groups. It's opponents? A who's who of wealthy special interests...   Full story

Support Proposition 89

Chico Enterprise Record, by Suzette Welch, 10/23/06

"...taking the special-interest money out of politics will make it possible to fix our broken health care system, clean up our environment and create a government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few..."   Full story

Prop. 89 Would Help Clean Up Elections

San Jose Mercury News, by Dale Leuthold, 10/21/06

"...Proposition 89 is more than a 'dream.' It is a practical approach to limiting the influence of special interest money in elections..."   Full story

Proposition 89: It's Only Fair

Los Angeles Times, by Jean-Pierre Swennen, 10/19/06

"...You laud the essence of the Proposition 89 clean money initiative but then argue that the burden of the funding (an increase in the corporate tax) should be shared by all. Please point me to one single government program for which it is agreed that the burden is shared fairly by all..."  Full story

Proposition 89: It's Only Fair

Los Angeles Times, by Darcy Crosman, 10/19/06

"...The Times' editorial claims that a tax on corporations and banks to fund an election reform program is unwise and unfair. But how is it fair that corporate influence unduly dominates our political process? From what I've seen so far, with just a few exceptions, corporations are really only interested in serving themselves — not the public interest..."  Full story

Proposition 89: It's Only Fair

Los Angeles Times, by Warren Felt, 10/19/06

Your editorial is illustrative of the problem. A tax of 0.2% is a pittance. These corporations spend more than that on coffee and doughnuts. And just how much do you think the present system is costing taxpayers?   Full story

Proposition 89: It's Only Fair

Los Angeles Times, by Wolfgang H. Rosenberg, 10/19/06

"... I would have you more accurately describe Proposition 89 as being a "power grab" by those of us who believe that it's high time the money-changers are swept out of our election temples."   Full story

Clean Money Author Speaks Out on Prop 89

San Francisco Chronicle, by Assemblymember Loni Hancock, 10/18/06

"...As a leader of the legislative effort to bring "clean money'' elections to California, I was deeply disappointed by The Chronicle's opposition to Proposition 89. While opposing the initiative, the editorial indicated support for my legislation, Assembly Bill 583. Ironically, the core provisions in Proposition 89 are nearly identical to those in AB583, which died in the state Senate earlier this year..."  Full story

Yes on Prop. 89

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 10/18/06

"The title of the article in the Oct. 9 Times, titled "Odd coalition opposes 'clean money' measure," spells out the issue. The opponents of Proposition 89 have little in common, except for one attribute. They are wealthy corporate interests, politicians and even unions who all want to continue to exchange special favors, at public expense, for campaign contributions..."  Full story

Public Financing Works

San Francisco Examiner, by David D. Schmidt, 10/17/06

"...Your editorial on Proposition 89, the Public Campaign Financing Initiative, neglected to mention that similar laws have been working successfully to eliminate corruption in Arizona and Maine since 2000..."  Full story

Yes on 89

San Francisco Chronicle, by Rose Ann DeMoro, 10/16/06

"...[H]ere's who's endorsing Prop. 89: AARP California, League of Women Voters, the Sierra Club, California Church IMPACT, California National Organization for Women, Common Cause, Senior Action Network, Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-S.F., S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supervisor Tom Ammiano, to name just a few..."  Full story

Prop. 89

Orange County Register, by Kathay Feng and Deborah Berger, 10/15/06

"...Prop. 89 would sharply reduce the influence of special interests in Sacramento and level the playing field in our elections, providing what may be the last best opportunity to reverse these dangerous trends..."  Full story

The Case for the Clean Money Initiative

San Francisco Chronicle, by Joni Eisen, 10/13/06

"Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water. You seize on just one of aspect of Prop. 89 -- the $10,000 limit on corporate treasury contributions to ballot measures -- as an excuse to jettison the whole thing..."   Full story

The Case for the Clean Money Initiative

San Francisco Chronicle, by Jon Barrilleaux, 10/13/06

"... Can we afford to wait another few years, possibly in a less favorable political climate, to achieve the "perfect" clean money legislation? I think your readers know the answer, and all too well, even if you do not..."   Full story

Yes on Prop. 89

Contra Costa Times, by Barbara Hempill, 10/11/06

"Vote "yes" with the League of Women Voters on Proposition 89, political campaigns. Prop. 89 aims to make politicians accountable to voters rather than to lobbyists and special interests..."  Full story

Taking Back Government from Special Interests

San Diego Union-Tribune, by Ned Wigglesworth, 10/11/06

Proposition 89, the campaign reform measure on the November ballot, presents voters with a golden opportunity to take back government from the special interests and lobbyists that currently run the show in Sacramento.  Full story

Prop. 89 for Change

Pasadena Star-News, by Deborah Berger, 10/11/06

"...Political corruption is everywhere in California. Special interests have too much power in Sacramento, and the rest of us pay the price. Proposition 89 is the antidote, the means for California voters to take back our government..."   Full story

Back Proposition 89, Foil Special Interests

Los Angeles Daily News, by Deborah Burger, 10/8/06

Proposition 89 creates a level playing field so regular Californians can run for office even if they are not well-connected to special interests or lobbyists. It provides a set amount of public funds to qualified candidates who reject private money. And if politicians or lobbyists break the law, they can be fined, thrown out of office or put in jail.  Full story

Yes on 89: Give regular voters a stronger voice

Sacramento Bee, by Ned Wigglesworth, 10/7/06

"...In the end, Proposition 89 boils down to this: Should special interests own the Legislature or should the people of California? If your answer is the people of California, vote Yes on Proposition 89."  Full story

Re: Yes on 89 and 86

San Francisco Chronicle, by Dan Farthing, 9/30/06

Proposition 89 turns California politics right side up.   Full story

"Yes" on Prop. 89

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 9/29/06

Proposition 89 will give ordinary people -- not just corporations, but real people -- a voice that is being totally drowned out by private campaign "contributions. Vote "yes" on Prop. 89.  Full story

Must Change Processes for Better System

Contra Costa Times, by John Kabat, 9/28/06

"...If we truly want to improve our democratic voting operations we should contemplate the following: Pass Clean Money campaigns in all states so that the playing field is level for all deserving candidates, and that corrupting money issues will not impede our legislators nor hold them hostage to special-interest lobbies and fund-raising activities..."  Full story

Less Money, More Women

Santa Barbara Independent, by Tam Hunt, 9/28/06

Just about everyone agrees that we need to get money out of politics. An equally important fix is to get more women into politics. California voters will have the chance in November to do a lot to promote both of these changes. If Proposition 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, passes, it could have a tremendously positive effect on how elections are run in our state, and, accordingly, an equally strong effect on how political decisions are made.   Full story

Donations From Out of State Fuel Races

San Francisco Chronicle, by John Wildermuth, 9/26/06

"The contributions from Middlesex County, New Jersey, are larger than those from Kern County,'' Proposition 89 spokesperson Michael Lighty said. "You have national and international interests funding California Assembly races.''  Full story

Making Corporations Pay Under Prop. 89 is Fair

Los Angeles Times, by Craig Dunkerley, 9/22/06

"...I'm grateful for George Skelton's praise of Proposition 89's provisions for the public financing of campaigns, but I'm sorry to see that he's so concerned about how it will be funded..."  Full story

Clean Money Elections

San Francisco Chronicle, by Gail Kaiser, 9/20/06

"Of course the political pros aren't too happy with Arizona's Clean Money elections -- they miss the power they used to wield with their campaign donations and fundraising. Instead, politicians are paying attention to voters. Now a politician's ideas -- and not their access to cash -- win elections. Wouldn't it be great if Proposition 89 passed, and that we have the same situation here in California?"  Full story

Public Financing Would Lure Voters

San Jose Mercury News, by Ralph Wheeler, 9/17/06

"...Arizona's Legislature looks more like its population and legislators do not owe favors to special interests. California's Proposition 89 will remove the cynicism of our voters and inspire a more diverse group of candidates to run for elected office. Hopefully, it will eliminate pay-to-play politics..."  Full story

Curtail Lobbyist Power

Orange County Register, by Rachel Wetts, 9/16/06

"...The first claim that a "Clean Money" system is "unrealistic" is false; public financing of elections has been in place in Maine and Arizona for nearly a decade and in those states this Clean Money system has been embraced by voters and politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike. Candidates have had more time to talk to voters since they no longer must spend huge portions of their time fund-raising..."  Full story

End Conflicting Interests

Orange County Register, by Susana Hegstrom, 9/16/06

"...With these and other benefits of Prop. 89 I hope that all Californians will fight to stop political corruption and vote yes in November..."  Full story

Level the Playing Field

Orange County Register, by W. "Terry" Van Hook, 9/16/06

"...You said that Prop. 89 is filled with "nice thoughts." With that backhanded complement you slander its fair and common sense ideas.... Turn from your own big money/power-broker mentality and seriously consider the common sense of public funding [of campaigns]..."  Full story

Selfish Move

Oakland Tribune, by Lynn Davidson, 9/12/06

"...Voters who are serious about doing what it takes to improve our schools, and this includes teachers, should vote yes on Prop 89..."  Full story

Yes on 89

Santa Cruz Sentinel, by Joyce Blaskovich, 9/12/06

"The best democracy money can buy!" That's the way our government has been described by some. Should we be proud of that statement? If we're ashamed, then Proposition 89 is a good first step in tearing the price tag off our state.  Full story

Citizens Should Be Top Priority

Chico Enterprise Record, by Lloyd Downs, 9/11/06

"...Maybe this explains why he never answers my letters on the subject of "clean money" for politicians. There is only one other kind of money available for legislators when running for office and it's commonly thought of as dirty money. How can dirty money in politics embrace clean, clear, unbiased legislation for the public good or social justice? ..."  Full story

Proposition 89 - Fighting Political Corruption

San Francisco Independent Media Center, by Mike Kirchubel, 9/8/06

"...If you’ve ever thought, “There must be a better way;” wondered why corporations with billions in profits legally pay less in taxes than you; or swore you would “never vote for those crooks ever again;” rejoice! Proposition 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, is coming soon to a ballot near you..."  Full story

Corrupting Influence of Big-Money Donors

Los Angeles Times, by Sheldon Kadish, 9/5/06

"...These people are the best reason to pass Proposition 89 (to create a system for public financing of political campaigns) in November..."  Full story

Offering Support For 'Clean Election' Laws

San Diego Union-Tribune, by Nick Nyhart, 9/5/06

"...Meaningful, common-sense campaign reforms do work. Californians can take heart that Clean Elections is a proven system that will bring change to politics. By passing Proposition 89, California will make elections about voters, not big campaign contributors..."  Full story

Teachers Union Should Support Prop. 89

Oakland Tribune, by Jean Rains, 9/1/06

"...As a public school teacher and CTA member, I was deeply disappointed to read that a CTA spokesperson announced that CTA was opposing Prop. 89, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act..."  Full story

Courts Likely to Uphold Prop. 89

Daily Breeze, by Allene Butler, 9/1/06

"...Your opposition to raising taxes is legendary; however, these days the rest of us are paying to lower someone else's taxes. I agree with the nurses, the League of Women Voters of California and many others: It's time for Proposition 89 and Clean Money in California..."  Full story

Taking issue with stand on Prop. 89

San Diego Union-Tribune, by Jean Seager, 9/1/06

"...That's precisely what happened in both Arizona and Maine where clean money is already successful. Not only did more candidates vie for office, the races were more competitive, the political advertisements more substantive, and the voters were more interested. Elections became exactly what they are supposed to be – contests of ideas, not money..."  Full story

Campaign Reform Urged

Pasadena Star-News, by Jim Sevin, 8/31/06

"...I hope that this an indication that you'll be supporting Phil Angelides in his fight for public financing of campaigns and against special interests that hide behind PACs and in urging the passage of Proposition 89 in November..."  Full story

California Could Use "Clean Money"

Daily Breeze, by Susan Lerner, 8/31/06

'...The drafters and endorsers of Proposition 89 do not believe in ceding our democracy to an "it can't be fixed, just put up with it" attitude. Because we believe that California's voters aren't ready to give up either, we've put Proposition 89 on the November ballot. Californians who have had it with our warped system of political campaign funding will be voting yes on 89..."   Full story

Clean Campaigns Require Clean Money

Daily Breeze, by David Greene, 8/29/06

"...This is the choice: resign yourself to a system that does not serve your interests or have a system where candidates will voluntarily forswear special interest money. Give yourself and our democracy the clean money choice..."  Full story

Governing for All, Not the Few

Sacramento Bee, by Dennis Beaman, 8/28/06

"...Our country has been taken over by groups who are not concerned with the public good. The only way to represent all of the people is to change the way elections are conducted. These changes are necessary to ensure that we take back control of our country: Pay for political campaigns by using public monies divided among the candidates..."  Full story

Clean up campaigns

Ventura County Star, by Letter to the Editor, 8/28/06

Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions of Ventura recognizes that peaceful resolutions to the challenges faced by humanity will not likely be achieved as long as money can influence votes as it does today.  Full story

Santa Monica and Clean Money

Santa Monica Mirror, by Kevin McKeown, 8/25/06

"...Clean money for Santa Monica won't be on the ballot, but clean money for the state of California will be.  Clean money already works well in other states, taking the "for sale" sign off the statehouse..."  Full story

Scrubbing the Money

Los Angeles City Beat, by Kevin McKeown, 8/24/06

"Real campaign finance reform for Santa Monica should include convening a voter task force and considering clean money, and donation restrictions, and independent expenditures... Meanwhile, at least all of us Californians can insist on statewide “clean money” when we vote November 7..."   Full story

Prop. 89 Makes Campaigns Fairer

San Jose Mercury News, by Brian Davis, 8/21/06

"...Getting elected or re-elected almost always requires raising large amounts of money. Doing and saying what big contributors want is the easiest way to raise it. Public campaign financing largely eliminates this... Yes on Proposition 89 and public campaign financing for San Jose!"   Full story

How Prop. 89 Will Work

San Francisco Bay Guardian, by Craig Dunkerley, 8/21/06

"...Unions get outspent by corporations many times over, every election cycle. They'd be better off under Prop. 89..."  Full story

Sacramento's Orgy of Bagels, Cigars and Cash

Los Angeles Times, by Jamie Court, 8/16/06

"...This could be the last August for the cash dash. Proposition 89 on the November ballot would establish public financing of campaigns, paid for with a tiny increase — 0.2% — in the corporate profits tax. So candidates who kick the fundraising habit would not have to prostitute themselves for private financing..."   Full story

Clean the Money

Oakland Tribune, by Adele Grunberg, 8/11/06

"...I was thrilled and delighted to open my newspaper and see that Phil Angelides had come out in favor of Proposition 89.... I sincerely hope he will continue to support this important and necessary proposition. If he does, ordinarily unenthusiastic voters like me will enthusiastically support Phil Angelides for governor..."  Full story

Clean Campaigns

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 8/10/06

"...Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gained office by condemning pay-to-play politics. He said, "The money comes in. The favors go out. The people lose." Since then, he's made his pay-to-play predecessors look like amateurs. Prop. 89 will shift power from wealthy special interests to the voters. I applaud Angelides for supporting it."  Full story

Angelides' Good Deed

San Francisco Chronicle, by Zoe Goorman, 8/10/06

"...Phil Angelides has my vote for governor for the sole reason that he supports Proposition 89, public financing for political campaigns..."  Full story

Prop. 89 opposition is a 'favor' to donors

Los Angeles Times, by Donovan Steutel, 8/4/06

Thanks, Steve Lopez, for speaking to the governor on behalf of the 99% of us who aren't campaign donors.   Full story

Democratic Disunion

Pasadena Weekly, 8/3/06

"..Tobi Dragert of Los Angeles... was campaigning for Proposition 89, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, and wants to see Democrats get behind public financing of political campaigns...'They don’t care what people think. It’s the money. That’s the important thing,' said Dragert."  Full story

Governor Should Remember Promise

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 7/30/06

"In the article on hecklers who greeted the governor in Southern California I was puzzled that he was unwilling to commit to support Proposition 89 (Page 5B, July 26), the Clean Money Initiative for public financing of campaigns..."   Full story

Choice In Campaigning

Tracy Press, by Mike Kirchubel, 7/24/06

"The Clean Money and Fair Elections Act is no less than a Declaration of Independence from our monarchy of money and our version of taxation without representation."  Full story

Which Way Is It?

Oakland Tribune, by Craig Dunkerley, 7/23/06

"[Gov. Schwarzenegger] says he doesn't support public financing of campaigns but would like to end the money-in, favors-out system now dominating Sacramento. This makes me wonder if he really knows what public financing, or clean money, is about since ending pay-to-play politics is precisely what is has proven to be effective at doing..."  Full story

Money Laundering

LA Weekly, by Craig Dunkerley, 7/19/06

"...The system will pay for itself many times over by avoiding expensive boondoggles like those highlighted in the rest of your article..."   Full story

A Profound Statement for California

Los Angeles Times, by James Saxon, 7/16/06

"...Proposition 89 counters big-money spending with full matching funds for "clean money" candidates hit by independent expenditures..."   Full story

Clean Elections Ensure That Elections Are About Voters

Los Angeles Times, by Nick Nyhart, 7/16/06

"Clean elections ensure that elections are about voters, not big campaign donors."   Full story

Voters Should Embrace Prop 89

San Jose Mercury News, by Brian Carr, 7/14/06

"Hopefully, voters will see through their well-financed opposition to this key reform."   Full story

Public Election Financing Pays Off

Los Angeles Times, by Dan Silver, 7/11/06

"...The few million dollars it would cost to finance municipal elections are nothing compared with the money saved when government is no longer beholden to special interests. If these interests didn't believe that financing campaigns would result in greater profits, they wouldn't give money in the first place. Let's hope the council has the wisdom and the courage to restore confidence in government..."   Full story

Coastal Commission & Big Money

Pacifica Tribune, by Ken Restivo, 6/14/06

"... Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez appointed four "alternates" to the Coastal Commission immediately prior to a controversial vote on the Pebble Beach Co's proposed massive development on the Monterey coast...The Pebble Beach Co. hosts the annual Democratic Party fundraiser..."  Full story

Cheney's visit

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 6/9/06

"...To support a voluntary system of public financing, we must encourage our senators to pass AB 583, the Clean Money bill, and to support the nurses' Clean Money initiative, which will probably be on the November ballot..."  Full story

Clean Money

San Francisco Chronicle, by Bill Walzer, 6/8/06

"...The solution is for voters to pay for legislators campaigns as well as salaries. Then citizens will own the Legislature rather than special interests..."  Full story

Only Clean Money Rule Would Fix A Broken Election System

San Jose Mercury News, by Ted Williams and Susan Lerner, 6/5/06

"...It's a vicious cycle. To win, one needs attack ads. To pay for attack ads, one needs large amounts of money. To get large amounts of money, you need to become beholden to large donors. If you're beholden to large donors, you're vulnerable to attack ads..."  Full story

Clean Money Would Work

Contra Costa Times, by Craig Dunkerley, 6/3/06

"The reason past campaign finance reforms have backfired is that they sought to stop the flow of private money by force. Public financing, or "clean money,"  Full story

State's Poverty Rate

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 5/28/06

"...The state's priorities could change over time if the Legislature passes the Clean Money bill, AB 583, which provides full public financing for election campaigns. If the public, instead of big companies, owned the politicians, we could pull ourselves out of poverty with policies that benefit average Californians..."  Full story

Public Financing Campaigns

Sacramento Bee, by Sharon Anderson, 5/21/06

"Re "Real reform costs too much politically," commentary, May 14: James Pinkerton makes the point that there's a lot of misuse of money in politics, including crimes such as bribery and legal practices such as the "earmarking" of funds for pet projects. He says that attempting to cure corrupting influences of money in government by public financing of elections would not help. I disagree."  Full story

Time to Integrate the State Government Bus

California Progress Report, by Rev. John Hunter and Paul Turner, 5/19/06

"...Today’s campaign finance system is essentially a modern-day poll tax that prices out minorities and the poor from participating in election campaigns. Campaign contributions, like poll taxes, are unaffordable for most poor and working class citizens..."  Full story

Fantasy Gifts

Los Angeles Business Journal, by Jay Goldberg, 5/19/06

In response to the question: "If you inherited a fortune, what would be your charitable cause?" "...CCMC - California Clean Money Campaign - is an organization that tries to take the influence of money out of politics, so I would give to them, too..."  Full story

Seeking 'Clean Money'

The Ukiah Daily Journal, by Tom Wodetzki, 5/15/06

There's a bill moving through our state legislature that would free politicians from depending on special interests to fund their election campaigns. For politicians to truly represent us, we need to fund them. The Clean Money bill allows politicians to accept only public funding and limit campaign spending. It makes sense, is real democracy, and works!   Full story

The Money Machine Remains

TomPaine.com, by Chellie Pingree, 5/4/06

"...That Congress needs better ethics rules and oversight is beyond question. But Walker is right to include public financing in the discussion here because, in some ways, the current debate about ethics reform (which should not end with today's passage of a weak House reform bill) is missing the forest for the trees..."  Full story

Clean Money Offers State a Ray of Hope

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 5/1/06

"...If we want to be able to elect leaders who can't be bought by rich special interests, we need to make sure our senators pass AB583..."  Full story

Clean Money and Politics

Sacramento Bee, by Sara Nichols, 5/1/06

AB 583, up for a vote May 3 in the Senate Elections Committee, needs the votes of Sens. Kevin Murray (D-Los Angeles) and Gloria Romero (D-Los Angeles), who represent precisely such districts. Let's hope they recognize the liberating power of public financing of elections and vote to pass the bill.   Full story

State Needs Clean Money

Ventura County Star, by Steve Kane, 4/28/06

"...To paraphrase an expression: Money tends to corrupt, and lots of money corrupts absolutely. The California Clean Money Campaign has a different idea. Clean Money is a voluntary system of publicly funded political campaigns for elected statewide and legislative offices..."  Full story

Support Public Campaign Funding

San Jose Mercury News, by The Rev. Vaughn F. Beckman, 4/24/06

"...I am convinced moving forward [on Clean Money for San Jose] will truly enhance democracy in our city and in all elections across the nation. Is there no greater cause? I certainly hope that all officials and candidates think so..."  Full story

Public Financing

Contra Costa Times, by Rachel Antell, 4/19/06

The only solution to ending this flouting of election laws is with pure public financing of funding campaigns. Fortunately, this solution is well within reach of Californians because there is a bill in the Legislature (AB583) that is modeled after very successful laws in the states of Arizona and Maine.  Full story

In Elections It's All About the Money

Los Angeles Times, by Donovan Steutel, 4/14/06

"...The only solution is a complete bypass of the existing system: public funding for candidates with broad, in-district support of constituents. This is rightly called "clean money," and if the Senate and the governor let us, we will get to vote on such a system to allow strong community leaders to run competitive campaigns regardless of wealthy allies..."  Full story

Let's Publicly Finance Campaigns

San Jose Mercury News, by Lynn Davidson, 4/9/06

With the increase in wealthy individuals spending their personal fortunes to further their political careers, "...California has long been headed in the direction of oligarchy. But California also has an equally strong progressive tradition. The way to reverse direction is a voluntary system of publicly financed election campaigns, proposed by AB 583, the ``Clean Money'' bill. Californians want elected officials who represent their interests, and AB 583 is the way to get them..."  Full story

"Clean Money" Bill Can Cure Corruption

San Jose Mercury News, by Donna Poulos, 4/8/06

"...Why didn't you mention in your story about how only the rich can run for governor that the cure for our sick political system is now before our state Legislature? (Page 1, April 5) AB 583, ``The California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act'' would allow any candidate who had sufficient public support... to receive a set amount of public funding for his/her campaign..."  Full story

Pelosi's Money Game

San Francisco Chronicle, by Patricia Malstrom, 4/6/06

"...[W]ouldn't it be a good idea to reduce the cost of campaigning so that citizens who are not millionaires might have a chance to participate as legislators? AB583, "The Clean Money Fair Elections Act," would do that for Californians by authorizing public campaign financing. To learn more, visit www.CAclean.org..."  Full story

Campaign Finances a Hot Topic

Ventura County Star, by Kristofer Young, 4/2/06

Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions believes that elected officials serving without the influence of special-interest money are critical to the functioning of a democracy. To take money out of politics requires campaign finance reform.  Full story

Clean Money Act Deserves Support

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 4/2/06

"...Arizona and Maine have proven clean-money financing works. If readers encourage their legislators to support AB 583, California will do likewise..."  Full story

Clean Money

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 3/30/06

"..[In California}, [t]he voter gets to choose from a very short list of those who either owe their souls to big contributors or those who can flat out buy the election from their own huge bankrolls. The way to fix this mess is with Clean Money, which is a voluntary system of full public financing..."
  Full story

Campaign Funding

Los Angeles Times, by David Greene, 3/29/06

"...Your article seems to prove the adage about the golden rule: Those with the gold, rule. Our democracy needs publicly funded elections..."  Full story

Clean Money Misunderstood

Tracy Press, by Craig Dunkerley, 3/29/06

"...Dan Walters misunderstands Assembly Bill 583, the Clean Money Act, and the system of publicly financed campaigns it would set up..."  Full story

Clean Money

Los Angeles Daily News, by Eric Tang, 3/28/06

"...California needs clean money through full public funding of election campaigns. With clean money, candidates for office can spend their time out in the community listening to the needs and concerns of voters, instead of incessantly courting big money donors..."  Full story

Public Financing of Races Good Idea

San Jose Mercury News, by Mary Bartmettler, 3/27/06

"...San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales' proposal for full public funding for future mayoral and city council campaigns is a good one. As a backer of AB 583, the California Clean Money Act, I am convinced that voluntary public-financed campaigns are the wave of the future..."  Full story

The Campaign to Clean Up Politics

Los Angeles Times, by Barbara Farren, 3/22/06

"...The people want elections without lobbyists and big-donor money setting the pace and determining who will come out ahead. Supporting the Clean Money Elections initiative is the way to go..."  Full story

The Campaign to Clean Up Politics

Los Angeles Times, by Veaney McIrvin, 3/22/06

"...Campaign finance reform is the answer: the core issue that could address all other issues being undermined by the way "big money dominates politics." This isn't just in theory. Maine, Arizona and Connecticut have passed clean-money election laws, and AB 583 is in the state Senate. If we make our voices heard, it could actually pass..."  Full story

Financing Elections

Los Angeles Daily News, by David Greene, 3/21/06

"...Your Sunday editorial "Clean money" raised a very important point. A few thousands in campaign donation cash can result in millions of dollars in payback... We need to stop this practice and its harm to fiscal solvency. We need to finance elections publicly, in Los Angeles and in all our elections..."  Full story

Clean Money for a Clean Environment

Sierra Club California, by Bill Magavern and Trent Lange, 3/9/06

"... If we want clean air and clean water, we have to have Clean Money.  That's why Sierra Club California strongly endorses AB 583, and urges you to help us pass it..."  Full story

Clean Money -- a Solution to Scandal

San Francisco Chronicle, by Joni Eisen, 2/26/06

"...The problem is not just illegal shenanigans; most of the pay-for-play politics in Sacramento and Washington is perfectly legal. The only way to fix our campaign-financing system is to pay for it ourselves..."  Full story

Clean Money

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 2/26/06

"...The Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, AB583, which has already passed the state Assembly and is now being considered in the Senate, is California's best bet to be freed from the shackles of special interests calling all the shots in Sacramento..."  Full story

Scams and Dirty Money

Oakland Tribune, by Bill Walzer, 2/25/06

"... Hassett hits the nail on the head when he stated that the largest producer of ethanol had contributed millions of dollars over the last three years to candidates and political parties... Instead, we should all support the clean-money election funding proposals around the country..."  Full story

Keep Money Clean

Oakland Tribune, by Julia Craig, 2/20/06

"THANKS VERY MUCH for the recent editorial supporting the bill that would give state money to people running in elections..."  Full story

'Clean Money' Opens Doors

Ventura County Star, by Tom Mullens, 2/16/06

"...People who care deeply about their communities and have great ideas and admirable values but have to work for a living don't run for office in our current system. That's left to a financial elite while the rest of us are left on the sidelines wondering if our interests are truly being represented..."  Full story

Passing Bill Will Help Clean Up Elections

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 2/16/06

"... There's not a word about policy or ideas. It's all about the money they've raised, as if that were the only qualification for being elected.  Sadly, under the current system of campaign funding, it is certainly the most important qualification..."  Full story

In Perata's Court

Oakland Tribune, by Ben Thompson, 2/15/06

"...I'D LIKE to echo the Tribune's call for clean money in state elections ("Hancock's reforms looking good," Feb. 6).  Assemblywoman Loni Hancock's bill, AB 583, provides an opportunity to remove the influence of big-money interests in state lawmaking..."   Full story

The Stench of Corruption

Oakland Tribune, by Jane Courant, 2/15/06

"...I WAS GRATIFIED to see the editorial highlighting the importance of the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act (AB 583) passing in the state Assembly ("Hancock's reforms looking good")..."  Full story

Clean Money Bill Improves Our Elections

Contra Costa Times, by John Kabat, 2/13/06

"...The California Assembly passed the other day AB 583, the Clean Money bill, a bill that finally would eliminate the practice of accepting votes by our elected representatives from large donors and corporations.  In so doing, it will level the playing field for all qualified candidates who agree to accept public funding for political office..."  Full story

End 'pay to play' for good: Yes on AB 583

Orange County Register, by Richard Gillock, 2/13/06

"...We pay a fortune for the current corrupt system. Let's save taxpayers' dollars by investing in public funding of elections so that candidates pay attention to the voters for a change. In Arizona where they have had this system since 2000, they pass balanced budgets on time because the legislators vote their consciences, not their cash cows..."    Full story

Clean Money and Third Parties

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 2/10/06

"The issue is basically one of balance... The Green Party, for example, believes AB 583 stikes the right balance and they support the bill."  Full story

Fair Campaign Financing is Doable

Daily Breeze, by Assemblywoman Loni Hancock, 2/8/06

"...California now has the opportunity to enact [Clean Money] reform. Assembly Bill 583... will allow California's candidates the option of "running clean." Freed from endless fund raising, candidates would be able to spend their time talking to voters and focusing on the needs and concerns of the people in their district rather than the contributors to their campaign..."    Full story

Democracy's Challenge

San Francisco Chronicle, by Barbara Naiditch, 2/8/06

"... [Clean Money] gives those who have lost hope in politics the opportunity to change a system that requires politicians to give special consideration to those with enough money to fund a campaign. In states with public financing, candidates need not hold fundraisers, or talk to lobbyists, and they are accountable only to the voters who elected them..."   Full story

Clean-Money Elections The Way To Go

San Diego Union-Tribune, by Beverly G. Bean, 2/7/06

Both AB 583 in the California Legislature and the Arizona clean money law deal with independent expenditures by matching funds. Clean money candidates receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds to respond to independent expenditures such as an attack ad or a mailer from an outside group that benefits their opponent.   Full story

Letter to the Editor

San Diego Union-Tribune, by Simon Mayeski, 2/7/06

You describe the bill by Assemblywoman Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, as an “incumbent-protection racket” but make no reference to the various statistics that indicate otherwise – a 110 percent increase in competitive state Senate races, for example.   Full story

Clean Money Yes, Partisanship No

San Jose Mercury News, by Thomas Firpo, 2/3/06

Edwin Garcia makes a point of the "deeply divided partisan'' vote on the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act in the Assembly (Page 5B, Jan. 31). It's worth noting that in Arizona and Maine, similar clean-money systems, are utilized extensively by both Republicans and Democrats.  Full story

A Way to Reform Politics of Money

San Jose Mercury News, by Dale Leuthold, 2/3/06

"...Those who criticize candidates for taking special-interest money must realize the problem will never be solved until there is another way to finance campaigns. That is why the Legislature's action this week to pass the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act of 2006 is so significant..."  Full story

Clean Money

Berkeley Daily Planet, by Bill Walzer, 2/3/06

J. Douglas Allen-Taylor’s article about the public campaign financing law just passed by the CA Assembly bemoans the fact that there was no Republican support. I agree. On the Assembly floor the Republicans complained about how bad the current system of campaign finance is but they offered no solutions.   Full story

More on Clean Money

Berkeley Daily Planet, by Lynn Davidson, 2/3/06

J. Douglas Allen-Taylor’s gloomy article about the vulnerability of the California Clean Money bill, AB 583, seems strangely out of step in the wake of the passage of the bill by the full Assembly on Jan. 30. The bill passed 47-31 on a party-line vote, with two Republicans abstaining and one Democrat voting against. The bill will now go to the Senate.  Full story

Clean Money

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 1/29/06

"I would like to go into the voting booth without having to hold my nose and be able to cast my precious vote for a candidate who is not already in someone's pocket.  There is a way to make this happen, at least in state elections, for all of us..."  Full story

A Chance to Remove the "For Sale"

San Jose Mercury News, by Bill Walzer, 1/24/06

"Our State Assembly members will have a chance to remove the "For Sale" sign from our public officials this month... This is a chance for them to be public servants putting the care of citizens and voters above the big money special interests."  Full story

Corruption is Not Inevitable

San Jose Mercury News, by Brian Carr, 1/24/06

"The pervasive corruption of our political structure is not inevitable. Amazingly, a proven system of public campaign financing will be voted on this week by the California Assembly..."  Full story

Public Financing of Campaigns is Cheap

San Jose Mercury News, by Craig Dunkerley, 1/23/06

"The article on Tuesday by Rose Ann DeMoro about a proven, sensible and inexpensive way to ge special interest money out of our political campaigns was great. Public financing of campaigns not only works well, it's also cheap.."  Full story

Campaign Reform Makes Progress

San Jose Mercury News, by Mary V. Barmettler, 1/17/06

"... On Jan. 10, AB 583, the clean-money elections bill, passed a critical vote in the Assembly Elections Committee, the first of many hurdles. Being a member of about 65 enthusiastic citizen supporters of AB 583 that day in Sacramento was for me a pivotal moment in recognizing the part concerned voters can play in public-policy making..."  Full story

'Clean Money'

Contra Costa Times, by Lynn Davidson, 1/17/06

"While there is a lot of talk in the national media about various election reforms that could require greater scrutiny of lobbying activities and political contributions, only the system of full public financing of elections proposed by AB 583 (Clean Money) really gives politicians and voters a clear alternative to the current pay-for-play system..."  Full story

Additional `Letters to the Editor'

San Jose Mercury News, by Russ Harden, 1/16/06

"As we watch in disgust, politicians continue to succumb to the temptations of the corrupt candied apples hanging from the money trees of each generation's lobbyists and campaign finance gurus..."  Full story

Legislators Should Not Be Influence Peddlers

San Francisco Chronicle, by Bill Walzer, 1/8/06

"... while some businesses gain advantage by using big money donations to get special treatment from politicians, there are other businesses at a competitive disadvantage if they don't pay to play in the lobbying game..."  Full story

Saturday Forum Set on 'Clean Money' System

Contra Costa Times, by Judy Cox and Anne Spanier, 1/6/06

"Californians realize that the corrupting influence of huge sums of money on our election system threatens the democratic process, according to a recent poll by the Public Policy Institute... Let's try a "clean money" system for California..."   Full story

Congress and the Corrupt Lobbyist

New York Times, by Tom Miller, 1/5/06

"...The rise of Jack Abramoff, and those who rose with him... is the natural result of a political system that operates under the myth that campaign contributions do not influence politicians in desperate need of cash.  Public financing of campaigns is the only way to escape this make-believe, Alice-in-Wonderland political world..."
  Full story

'Clean money' Campaign Financing Needed to Restore Faith in Elections

San Francisco Chronicle, by Anne Spanier and Judy Cox, 1/5/06

California now has a second chance at reform. Assembly Bill 583, which would set up a clean-money system of public funding of statewide elections, will be considered by the Assembly in mid-January. The bill's author, Loni Hancockheld a formal hearing in Los Angeles last year, and a second hearing for public comment is scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday at Oakland City Hall.  Full story

Reversing State's 'Pay-to-Play' System

Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, by Linda Suhr, 1/1/06

"...What can be done to reverse this "pay-to-play" political system and resurrect representative democracy in California?  A welcome answer can be found within the halls of the state Assembly where legislators are honing the details of [t]he Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, AB 583, [which] will permit qualified candidates to run for office using only public funds..."  Full story

Clean Money Campaign

Common Ground Magazine, by Gar Smith, 1/1/06

"...At the urging of the California Clean Money Campaign (CCMC), Assemblymembers Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley), Johan Klehs (D-Hayward) and Noreen Evans (D-Napa/Solano/Sonoma) have co-authored the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act. AB 583 would level the “paying field” by providing state funds to “clean money” candidates..."  Full story

"Clean Money"

Sacramento Bee, by Ash Roughani, 12/27/05

"...The idea to create a citizens' assembly to focus on election reform is ambitious and noble... We should support their efforts as they make progress, but in the meantime urge our legislators to back Clean Money, a sensible and proven form of campaign finance reform..."
  Full story

Publicly Funded Elections Would Save the Public's Money

North County Times (San Diego), by Susan Lerner and Jean Seager, 12/24/05

"...The guilty plea of local Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham points to a sad truth about our elected public servants: They are often more interested in personal and political gain than in representing their constituents.  We are angry. We are betrayed... What can we do? One promising idea that is gaining ground in California is called 'Clean Money'..."  Full story

'Twas the Night Before Clean Money

Pasadena Weekly, by Patricia Egan, 12/22/05

"Twas the night before Christmas, in our golden state,
When good people chose a 'Clean Money' slate..."  Full story

Letter to the Editor

Monterey County Herald, by Marilyn Maxner, 12/20/05

Assemblywoman Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, has introduced a bill, the California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act (AB 583), that would set up a clean money system of public election funding in California. The League of Women Voters of the Monterey Peninsula supports AB 583 and urges all voters to learn more by visiting www.CAClean.org.  Full story

Consider Possibility of Clean Money a Gift

Pasadena Star-News, by Loretta Keller, 12/17/05

"... So it looks like the way is clear. But whether or not Clean Money actually happens in California, we should consider its possibility a holiday gift."   Full story

Special Election Demonstrates Need for "Clean Money" Campaigns

Capitol Weekly, by Susan Lerner, 12/15/05

"...There are a lot of interesting proposals for change in Sacramento being discussed and various different ways of combining them. But any package of reform proposals that doesn't include Clean Money will not be giving the people what they want and deserve: responsive, effective government made up of elected officials solely dedicated to [serving] all Californians..."  Full story

'Clean Money' Bill and Election Finance Reform

Los Angeles Times, by Dan Silver, 12/11/05

"The Times' editorial supporting the "clean money" bill ("Buying back government," Dec. 7) correctly identified public financing of election campaigns as the key factor in leading Sacramento out of its current morass of special interests..."   Full story

'Clean Money' Bill and Election Finance Reform

Los Angeles Times, by Jane Williams, 12/11/05

"One thing is certain, we will not get clean air, clean water or clean communities without clean money..."  Full story

'Clean Money' Bill and Election Finance Reform

Los Angeles Times, by Tobi Dragert, 12/11/05

"Clean money is not just another reform — there have been more than a dozen "reforms" tried in California since 1913, and none has made a whiff of difference..."   Full story

'Clean Money' Bill and Election Finance Reform

Los Angeles Times, by Danila Oder, 12/11/05

"...I support public financing of state elections, but we need to roll back term limits at the same time..."   Full story

'Clean Money' May End Pay-to-Play Politics

San Francisco Chronicle, by Jay Ashford, 12/11/05

"...When candidates are able to run for office with public funds, they will be beholden first and foremost to the taxpayers who they're supposed to represent. This solution is already working at the state level in Maine and Arizona, and is coming up for debate next month in California..."   Full story

'Clean Money' May End Pay-to-Play Politics

San Francisco Chronicle, by Joe Ely, 12/11/05

"...Pay-to-play is rampant in government, no matter who is in power... Three states and several cities have found a way for the voters to take back control of our government. They did it by voting or legislating a full public campaign-financing system called Clean Money..."
  Full story

Follow the Clean Money

Oakland Tribune, by Lynn Davidson, 12/10/05

"It is especially important for this legislation that lawmakers hear an overwhelming outpouring of support from ordinary citizens..."  Full story

California Needs Clean Money Reform

Oakland Tribune, by Judy Cox and Anne Spanier, 12/3/05

"The League of Women Voters supports this bill and will be mounting an effort to inform the public on this vital issue... We urge all voters and disenchanted voters alike to learn more about this proposed legislation and to talk to their friends and neighbors about this proposal..."  Full story

Cleaner Elections

Contra Costa Times, by Lucy Tyndall, 11/30/05

"...It's time we take back control of the election process so our legislatures represent our interests! Californians have an opportunity to do something about this now. Call your state representative and ask them to support AB583 -- Clean Money Fair Elections. Go to www.caclean.org and learn more about it..."   Full story

Some Real Reform

Contra Costa Times, by John Kabat, 11/22/05

"...Clean money elections in Arizona and democracy go hand in hand. The constitutional framers didn't get it all right on their first try, e.g. slavery issues, women's rights, due process, etc. Isn't it time for some real reforms?"  Full story

The Legacy of California’s Special Election

Berkeley Daily Planet, by Lynn Davidson, 11/18/05

"... Lest you still be basking in the defeat of the propositions last week and
thinking that private campaign financing isn’t always so bad, keep in mind that
working people aren’t going to be able to keep up the level of campaign funding
that we just witnessed..."   Full story

Money Out of Politics

Monterey County Weekly, by Beverly Bean, 11/18/05

"..The cost of public campaign funding can be recouped many  times over by legislators willing to act in the public  interest by closing loopholes favored by special  interests. If the California Legislature is smart enough to pass AB 583 and send it to Arnold, it will be interesting to see  whether he will sign the legislation..."   Full story

A Clean-Money Law Gives Power to Public

Los Angeles Daily News, by Wendy Greuel, Bill Rosendahl and Eric Garcetti, 11/18/05

"As elected officials, we continually strive to connect to, and communicate with, the communities we represent. But no matter how vigorously we attack the problems in our neighborhoods, an inescapable force pulls us in another direction. Political fundraising takes us out of our districts, sometimes even out of our city..."   Full story

Keeping It Clean

Monterey County Weekly, by Raul Vasquez, 11/3/05

"The idea behind state Assembly Bill 583 is simple:  politicians needn’t tangle with money that has strings  attached to it... Susan Lerner, executive director for the California Clean Money Campaign... says the upcoming  special election, for which over $230 million has been raised  statewide, may end up creating a more favorable climate for a  bill like AB 583..."  Full story

Make Campaign Limits Fair

Daily Republic, by Mike Kirchubel, 10/9/05

"... In 1998, before clean money, 79 percent of Arizona's political races were decided simply by the number of dollars raised. In 2002, after clean money legislation, that number was reduced to 2 percent..."  Full story

Join the Growing 'Clean Money' Movement

Register-Pajaronian, by Bernard Feldman, 9/10/05

"...There is a gun-free insurgency taking place against these occupiers that is being fought with Clean Money. It is happening right now in Arizona and Maine and is about to happen in California in the form of Assembly Bill AB 583..."  Full story

"Clean Money, Fair Elections" – Yes, It Could Be Done!

Newsletter, by Craig Dunkerley, 8/31/05

"Wouldn’t it be great if our elected officials really listened to our wants and needs and were more accountable to voters? And what if the political playing field was more level so that people with good ideas could run for office without having to be rich or powerful already?"  Full story

The Reform that Makes All Other Reforms Possible

Sacramento News & Review, by Mary Bisharat, 8/11/05

"...There is only one way to convert our decayed, dysfunctional political system, and that is by passing a bill to provide clean money for public elections..."  Full story

Full Public Funding of Campaigns is Needed

Los Angeles Times, by Eric Tang, 8/7/05

"... If we want to be certain that our representatives are working for our best interests and not those of their biggest campaign contributors, we need to become their biggest campaign contributor. And the only way this can happen is if we adopt a clean-money system of full public funding of campaigns."  Full story

Political System is broken, let’s fix it!

La Prensa San Diego, by Amy Fader, 8/5/05

"...Clean Money Campaigns is a sensible approach that has a proven success record and it is working right now in Arizona and Maine..."  Full story

Public Campaign Financing Would Pay Off

Los Angeles Times, by Mary Kay Gordon, 7/27/05

"The savings to taxpayers in alleviating special-interest money and corruption through public financing of Los Angeles elections would not only offset the cost to taxpayers but would create enormous savings.."  Full story

Pump Up Democracy, Not Pay-to-Play

Sacramento News & Review, by Susan Lerner, 7/27/05

"This questionable deal has no doubt tremendously exacerbated the public’s perception that the government’s decisions aren’t based on what is best for all Californians...  What California needs more than anything else right now is a proven fix to the problem of money in politics: “clean money,” the full public financing of campaigns..."  Full story

Real Solutions For California's Woes

San Jose Mercury News, by Dale Leuthold, 5/29/05

"... Reform will start when we elect representatives who are accountable to the people, not special-interest contributors, and the best way to do that is, as DeMoro suggests, to provide 'clean money'' public campaign funding."  Full story

Corporations Get What They Pay For

San Jose Mercury News, by Bill Walzer, 5/29/05

"... we will not solve the health care and state budget problems until we solve the campaign-finance problem. Currently, legislators must pay more attention to big-money lobbyists than to the public interest because it is the lobbyists who will pay for their next campaign."  Full story

Examining Candidates, Issues and Financing

Los Angeles Times, by Aaron D. Cervantes, 5/15/05

"Richard Hasen's idea of providing public campaign financing for city elections in the form of $25 vouchers for citizens to give to candidates (Commentary, May 10) is an interesting way to address L.A.'s campaign financing crisis..."  Full story

Campaign-Finance Reform Should be Priority

Los Angeles Daily News, by Susan Lerner, 5/15/05

"Transformation of Los Angeles' partial public funding of elections to a full Clean Money system would finally allow us to do what L.A.'s voters hoped the matching-fund system they adopted in 1990 would accomplish: Yank the "for sale" sign from City Hall and vote in the best candidate for mayor... "   Full story

'Corporate Welfare'

San Francisco Chronicle, by Bill Walzer, 4/22/05

"... we will not end "corporate welfare" until we end the big money kickbacks to campaign funds. And the only way to do that is for the voters to pay for campaigns. It will be a lot cheaper."  Full story

A Fix for California's Political System

Los Angeles Times, by James Saxon, 4/17/05

"AB 583, the Clean Money and Fair Elections Act, will do better than just copy Arizona, though; it'll start the turnaround for California's broken political system..."  Full story

A Fix for California's Political System

Los Angeles Times, by John M. Gault, 4/17/05

"I find that most people have a rather cynical attitude about politics in the United States. The cause, of course, is obvious. Over and over again the public interest is trumped by special interest..."  Full story

State Should Clean Up Campaigns

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 3/14/05

"Even the most cynical reader should be outraged after reading the article headlined "Governor hits the money trail" in the March 4 issue of The Valley Times about our governor's record-shattering fund raising.  Reporter Kate Folmar showed a clear connection between his donors and his policy decisions..."  Full story

Taxes and Public Needs

San Francisco Chronicle, by Sharon Magidson, 3/9/05

"If Californians were to adopt publicly financed elections, we might have legislators who respond to the real needs of the citizens of the state rather than legislators who are compelled to spend their time creating legislation to satisfy corporate and special interests..."  Full story

Ideas for Improving the Election Process

Los Angeles Times, by Joanne Nagy, 2/25/05

"Perhaps we could get some real experts and some just plain good citizens to run for our public offices if they did not have to ask for money to run their campaign..."  Full story

Clean Money Needed

San Francisco Chronicle, by Joe Ely, 2/15/05

"As long as elected officeholders in California are accountable to their big money donors instead to the voters, we cannot expect honest reform..."  Full story

'Clean Money' System Would Help California

Saratoga News, by Dale Leuthold, 1/20/05

"I would rather have elected officials accountable only to the taxpayers, and that can be done with the "Clean Money" system of publicly financed campaigns described by a previous letter writer, Herb Engstrom..."  Full story

Public Election Financing Can Pay Off for California

Los Angeles Times, by John M. Gault, 1/6/05

"The "pay-to-play" system of campaign financing has led to the domination of corporate interests in the formulation of our foreign policies... "  Full story

Public Election Financing Can Pay Off for California

Los Angeles Times, by Kjersten Jeppesen, 1/6/05

"You are so right that California (and the nation, for that matter) needs public financing of elections. Getting big money out of the process could be a huge step toward democratizing the electoral process as well as providing voters an opportunity to select candidates..."  Full story

Campaigns Should Be Run With "Clean Money"

Saratoga News, by Herb Engstrom, 1/4/05

"There is another approach, however, that not only passes constitutional muster because it is voluntary but is highly effective as well... Here in California, Assemblywoman Loni Hancock of Berkeley will introduce a clean money bill in the state Legislature. She deserves our support."  Full story

California Clean Money Campaign Aims to Take Stain Out of Politics

Southern Sierran, by Trent Lange, 1/3/05

"Environmentalists constantly fight losing battles against developers and corporations that contribute millions of dollars to political campaigns... Clean Money public financing of elections, which has been proven in other states to end the domination of campaigns by private money, could finally put the environment on an equal footing..."  Full story

'Clean' Campaigns Make Good Sense

Portland Tribune, by James Saxon, 12/14/04

"Candidates would voluntarily limit contribution amounts? As most voters know, Potter, who limited the size of campaign contributions, is the exception, not the rule. It also must be noted that Potter himself supports the idea behind the city effort to reform campaign finance..."  Full story

Persecution of Perata

Contra Costa Times, by Karla Bean, 12/11/04

"Maybe someone with federal-level connections caught wind that Perata is considering co-sponsoring Assemblywoman Loni Hancock's bill next year to allow public campaign financing in California, which would benefit the public interest at the expense of powerful special interests..."   Full story

Campaign Spending and Special Interests

Los Angeles Times, by Bill Walzer, 12/3/04

"... As a voter, it upsets me that [incumbent Los Angeles City Councilman] Jack Weiss is so confident of being able to trade policy and taxpayer dollars for campaign contributions. I prefer politicians who earn support from a majority of voters rather than a few rich special interests."  Full story

Campaign Spending and Special Interests

Los Angeles Times, by Craig Dunkerley, 12/3/04

"For a candidate to run in such a "clean money" system is an essential public service, not a taxpayer burden. The cost is minuscule, and elected officials who don't owe favors to special interests after the election are invaluable..."  Full story

Why California Needs Clean Money Campaign Finance Reform

North Bay Progressive, by Bonnie Allen, 12/1/04

"... The 2002 election was infamous for its miserable voter turnout-except in Arizona, where it was up 10 percent!  The increase was no accident - In 2000, Arizona passed an initiative called Clean Money, Clean Elections, that allows statewide candidates to choose voluntary public campaign funding..."  Full story

Governor's Dollar Haul Not 'Clean Money'

San Francisco Chronicle, by Lucille Moyer, 11/20/04

"Reading about the record-setting contributions accepted from special interests by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made it really hit home how desperately California and the whole country needs 'clean money'..."  Full story

Governor's Dollar Haul Not 'Clean Money'

San Francisco Chronicle, by Angela Onorato, 11/20/04

"The fact that our governor has surpassed all fund-raising records (why did we get rid of Gray Davis again?) shows how corrupted our system of campaign financing is..."   Full story

Governor's Dollar Haul Not 'Clean Money'

San Francisco Chronicle, by Karla Bean, 11/20/04

"The outlandish $26.6 million [Gov. Schwarzenegger] collected will raise the bar and exclude more qualified people from running for public office -- people concerned with issues that affect ordinary citizens like you and me. .."  Full story

Governor's Dollar Haul Not 'Clean Money'

San Francisco Chronicle, by Adam Smithline, 11/20/04

"The issue is much bigger than whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger can resist the temptation to legislate in favor of special interests that contributed $26.6 million to him in his first year in office. At stake is the very principle on which our democracy rests: one person, one vote..."  Full story

Berkeley's Solution to Payback Politics

San Francisco Chronicle, by Barbara Lee, 10/28/04

"Giveaways to big-money, special-interest donors are way of life in Washington. The system encourages them... On Tuesday, Berkeley voters have a chance to set an example for California and the nation. Measure H would make Berkeley the first city in the United States to adopt the clean-elections system already tested and proven in Arizona and Maine..."   Full story

In U.S. Politics, Money Talks

Los Angeles Times, by Mary Carlson, 10/2/04

"Chalmers Johnson's article, "My Congressman Stands for Money, Not for Me" (Opinion, Sept. 26), is yet another reason why we must have publicly financed political campaigns..."  Full story

Campaign Financing

Los Angeles Times, by Lani Formica, 10/2/04

"... Someone will always find a way around the regulations.  This country needs publicly financed campaigns to get special interests and big money out of our election process."  Full story

Measure H

Berkeley Daily Planet, by Darcy Crosman, 9/28/04

"The argument that incumbents will not need to be responsive to the community is patently false...  A challenger would easily defeat an unpopular incumbent as they will both qualify for the same amount of funding."  Full story

More Measure H

Berkeley Daily Planet, by Trent Lange, 9/24/04

"The miracle of public financing is that candidates with a broad base of public support actually get enough funding to compete against incumbents and wealthy candidates... Vote Yes on H."  Full story

Yes on H

Berkeley Daily Planet, by Sam Ferguson, 9/21/04

"... I guess he does not know that the qualification requirements to receive public funding are high enough to ensure only serious candidates with deep community support can run for office..."  Full story

Measure H

Berkeley Daily Planet, by Dan Newman, 9/21/04

"Fortunately, there is a better way. Berkeley Measure H would make candidates responsive to Berkeley voters, not beholden to their donors. That is why Congresswoman Barbara Lee, the Sierra Club, the National Women’s Political Caucus, Common Cause, and dozens of others have endorsed Measure H..."  Full story

Clean Campaign Finance

San Francisco Chronicle, by Nicky Gonzalez Yuen, 9/12/04

"This story of campaign finance scandal is much more about a broken system than about corrupt individuals... the lesson should be clear: We need publicly financed elections."  Full story

Measure H

Berkeley Daily Planet, by Sam Ferguson, 9/3/04

"Measure H—the Berkeley Fair Elections Act—was developed to strengthen political debate, increase competition for municipal office and enhance the responsiveness of local elected officials..."  Full story

Los Angeles Needs Clean Money

Los Angeles Times, by Trent Lange, 8/14/04

"The huge sums of money being given to candidates for mayor by contractors and developers with business in City Hall ("Race Brings Donor Issues to Fore," Aug. 8) show that a change is desperately needed..."  Full story

Ethics Breach by Mayor's Campaign Is Alleged

Los Angeles Times, by Robin Gilbert, 7/18/04

"Even with campaign financing laws, there will always be attempts to funnel extralegal money to a candidate who is perceived as being potentially useful by a donor. The solution to this problem is a system of publicly financed campaigns..."  Full story

Clean Money for California

San Francisco Chronicle, by Marc Spitzer, 7/16/04

"Arizona has something that California should adopt: clean money/clean election public financing of campaigns...  As Arizona corporation commissioner, I was the first to earn statewide office under Arizona's Clean Elections Law... California should import this Arizona tonic..."  Full story

How to Pass a Budget, Arizona-Style

San Jose Mercury News, by Susan Lerner, 7/16/04

"Our Legislature is deadlocked, the political parties are polarized, state and local government officials are at each others' throats, and the deadline is being disregarded...  It doesn't have to be this way. Clean Money, the publicly financed elections model currently working in Arizona, points to a way out of gridlock..."  Full story

Visionary Move

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 6/18/04

"I was heartened to read Martin Snapp's article in the June 12 edition about the opportunity that Berkeley residents will have to vote for voluntary public financing for candidates for city offices instead of the current system of all special interest private financing..."  Full story

Public Financing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Daily News, by Wayne Williams, 5/23/04

"... To make sure that happens, we must also press for full public funding of elections in Los Angeles and throw out any politician who doesn't support them as well.   Full story

Under the Influence

San Francisco Chronicle, by Ralph Daniels, 5/1/04

"Lobbyists' influence is affecting almost every aspect of our lives, including air pollution, water pollution, the destruction of our national forests and wetlands, health-care issues, our children's education, the public airways and the "free" press, and women's right to choose..."  Full story

Changing How Political Campaigns Are Funded

Los Angeles Times, by Susan Lerner, 4/18/04

"The California Clean Money Campaign has concentrated its efforts on bringing the clean money system to state races, as AB 2949, pending in the state Assembly, would do. But the federal investigations of contracts given to political donors at City Hall make clear that L.A. needs clean money just as desperately."  Full story

Price of Politics

Sacramento Bee, by Tracy Kearns, 4/16/04

" I would forgo my one cup of Starbucks a year to support public financing of campaigns so our elected representatives would no longer have to spend up to 75 percent of their time responding to the big donors..."   Full story

Price of Politics

Sacramento Bee, by Fred Winn, 4/16/04

"I would like to believe that not all of our political representatives are corrupt, but there is no doubt in my mind that millions of dollars of special interest contributions have given us a corrupt government and is the major reason we are in a massive financial mess..."   Full story

Public Campaign Funds Curb Corruption

Los Angeles Times, by Mary Jane Zorick, 4/15/04

"Candidates need a lot of money to run an election campaign, and where do they go for donations? The large donors. We need to change this system..."  Full story

Support A.B. 2949

The Argonaut, by James Saxon, 4/15/04

"The allegations of "pay to play" politics in the City of Los Angeles and the resignation of fundraiser and Los Angeles Mayor James Hahn supporter Ted Stein are significant because they represent the way things are..."  Full story

Take Money Out of Politics

San Jose Mercury News, by Joe Ely, 4/12/04

"The sad truth is that all special interest legislation, regulations and appointments that are doled out in return for big contributions come at a huge cost to the treasury and to public trust in government..."  Full story

Good for Valley

Los Angeles Daily News, by Wayne Williams, 4/7/04

"We need two things in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles: clean elections and a mayor who listens and acts to support the residents..."   Full story

The People Lose

Los Angeles Daily News, by Michael N. Cohen, 4/6/04

"... is the reality that we the people are losers every day that politicians scramble for money to get elected?  When will we learn that we cannot afford not to have public financing of elections?..."   Full story

'Clean Money' Campaign

Sacramento Bee, by John Abbott, 4/6/04

"... millions of California voters would vote for candidates who agreed to use only broad-based public financing to run for office - and that's the prospect that really frightens the Democratic and Republican politicians now beholden to special economic interests."   Full story

'Clean Money' Campaign

Sacramento Bee, by Donna W. Chipps, 4/6/04

"... The measure does not preclude business as usual, just gives the voter a choice of candidates who represent their constituents without real or perceived strings to special interests. "   Full story

Clean Money System

Ventura County Star, by Julie Moore, 3/31/04

"Thanks for the informative piece on the recently introduced California legislation, AB2949...  Candidates who are not wealthy can run for office and they can win without selling their souls...."  Full story

Clean Money Politics

San Mateo County Times, by Trent Lange, 3/30/04

"... what California's financial crisis shows is that continuing to have large private and corporate donors pay for politicians' campaigns is absurd. Wasteful appropriations and giveaways to large corporate and special interest contributors are a large part of the reason our budget is in crisis in the first place..."  Full story

Get Behind Clean-Money Law

San Jose Mercury News, by William Walzer, 3/10/04

"Preventing this one instance of political corruption would pay for the entire campaign finance system and put a ``Not for Sale'' sign in front of the Capitol..."  Full story

Get Behind Clean-Money Law

San Jose Mercury News, by Eric Pawlowsky, 3/10/04

"Clean elections are not a panacea, but they are a much better system than the one currently in place..."   Full story

Fund-Raising Reform

Los Angeles Daily News, by Terry Stone, 3/7/04

"There is now a bill working its way through the state Senate that is the most exciting clean-money legislation to come down the pike in many a year..."   Full story

Clean Up System

Contra Costa Times, by Joe Ely, 2/11/04

"We will continue to hear and read about these kinds of sleazy operations as long as we have a campaign financing system that ignores the interests of ordinary voters in favor of wealthy and powerful entities..."   Full story

The Reform That Makes All Other Reforms Possible

Sonoma West Times & News, by Gail Jonas, 12/31/03

"Voluntary public funding of candidates is commonly described as the "reform that makes all other reforms possible..."  In California, CCMC is currently working to educate the public about how voluntary public funding works. As a trained speaker for CCMC, I am making myself available to speak locally."   Full story

Dean Will Forgo Public Financing

Los Angeles Times, by James Saxon, 11/11/03

"The letter Dean sent to his supporters asking them to vote on whether to stay in the matching funds program or opt out presents a signed pledge to strongly reform the federal system and fight the influence of special-interest money as one of his top urgent priorities.... If voters are to ever believe him, he must start now and agree to limit his spending voluntarily..."   Full story

Schwarzenegger Woos the Special Interests

Los Angeles Times, by Nick Gleiter, 11/7/03

"If the independently wealthy, well-funded and famous Schwarzenegger has to borrow millions to run for governor, what chance does an ordinary, idealistic candidate have? Some call it fund-raising, but I call it bribery on layaway..."   Full story

The Reform That Makes Other Reforms Possible

Los Angeles Times, by Jo Seidita, 10/31/03

"Imagine our elected officials spending all their time working on the state's business and being responsible to the voters who elected them, rather than spending up to 50% of their time courting dollars from special-interest lobbyists...."   Full story

Public Financing Is a Good Investment

San Jose Mercury News, by Tushar Gheewala, 10/14/03

"Political contributions to election campaigns are by far the best investments available today. Special interests including oil, electricity, pharmaceuticals, prison, trial lawyers and other industries have known about this for a long time, and they invest hundreds of millions of dollars every year in these 'legal bribes.'..."   Full story

Granny D vs. Arnold

Sacramento Bee, by Tracy Kearns, 10/4/03

"[Granny D]'s story of walking across the country in support of campaign finance reform makes Arnold Schwarzeneger look like Dana Carvey on Saturday Night Live's "Pump Me Up" skits...."   Full story

Politicians Bought Here

Los Angeles Times, by Nick Seidita, 10/2/03

"Micah Sifry's plea for public funding of election campaigns hits the core threat to our democracy, to social justice and to humanity's survival of corporate domination and perpetual military and class warfare."   Full story

'Clean Money' Proposal

Los Angeles Times, by Michael Rice, 9/30/03

"Any candidate, any proposal, any nod in favor of jettisoning the venal character from our electoral system should be embraced.... Elections should be a contest of ideas, not bankrolls."   Full story

A 'Clean' Sweep for Elections

Los Angeles Times, by Micah L. Sifry, 9/28/03

"It's no surprise that the problem of money in politics has emerged as a key theme in the California recall... but the recall could be an opportunity for California to throw off the golden rule of politics: He who has the gold rules."   Full story

Letter to the editor

Sonoma Index-Tribune, by Dave Henderson, 9/23/03

"I would wager that most Sonomans are as embittered as I am at our state politicians’ dependence on special-interest money, their incessant fundraising, and the consequent lack of attention paid to the individual constituent, you and me.  But there is now a well-designed, realistic way to cure our state’s pathological political system...."   Full story

Elections, Once Again, Are Auctions

Contra Costa Times, by Ranya Cohen, 9/23/03

"Something needs to be changed, and there is a simple answer to giving elections back to all Americans. It's called publicly financed campaigns, or "clean money" elections."   Full story

Reconnecting Politicians to the Citizenry

Los Angeles Times, by Ellen Stern Harris, 8/30/03

"You correctly describe how California's current campaign financing works: 'politicians shake down contributors and pay them back with favors at the citizenry's expense.' Fortunately, there's now a better model. It's called 'clean-money campaigning.'..."   Full story

Clean Money, Clean Elections For California

San Francisco Chronicle, by Edward Asner, 7/18/03

"The deluge of special-interest money in politics has put the lie to our founding fathers' promise of a government 'by and for' the people....  Arizona and Maine are different. Both states now have 'clean money, clean elections' systems in which qualified candidates may run for office using public financing.... Now it's California's turn."   Full story

If Council Cleans Up Act, L.A. Voters Will Come

Los Angeles Daily News, by James Bennett Saxon, 6/11/03

"Perhaps it's not so clear to some on our council why voters don't vote. ... The voters are waiting for our damaged system to be repaired. ... Get money, especially outsider money, out of politics. Support fair campaigns. Support ethical elections. Then, council members, your votes will come."   Full story

Coast Panel's Work Demands Integrity

Los Angeles Times, by Ellen Stern Harris, 1/3/03

"That -- rather than a Great Wall of Mansions -- is what the Coastal Commission is supposed to protect.  And whether it takes the state Supreme Court or the Legislature or a clean-money campaigning initiative, that is what we need to fight for."   Full story

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