End Conflicting Interests

By Susana Hegstrom, Letter to the Editor

I am disappointed by your, "Good Intentions, bad results" editorial regarding the Clean Money Initiative, Proposition 89.

Our current system of private funding of campaigns is rife with blatant conflicts of interest. Why do we tolerate a system where our representatives are making policy decisions which directly affect people stuffing large checks into their campaign coffers?

Furthermore, our elected representatives spend an inordinate amount of time they are supposed to be serving the public, instead raising money for the next election. We should not be paying the salaries of representatives while they romance lobbyists and big donors.

If we want public servants to serve with integrity, we must offer them a more dignified alternative to fund elections. As for gerrymandered districts, clean candidates would be able to run competitive campaigns in districts that generally would be completely left alone by big-money and even the parties. Having challengers even in highly stacked districts would strengthen political discourse and give the voters a true choice in every district.

With these and other benefits of Prop. 89 I hope that all Californians will fight to stop political corruption and vote yes in November.

Susana Hegstrom
Newport Beach

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