Missing two points

By Darcy Crosman, Letter to the Editor

The editorial asking voters to reject Prop. 15 misses two critical points:

The first objection that the funding brought in by raising lobbyists' fees might not be enough "particularly if more candidates qualify" overlooks what anyone who has ever tried to get an initiative on a ballet with 2,000 signatures knows. Five dollar donations from 7,500 people is a significant hurdle.

In addition, the claim that "Prop. 15 does nothing to prevent special-interest spending on candidates and issues as long as they do not directly fund candidates" is a bit of a canard. Once someone volunteers to run as a fair elections candidate, they cannot take special-interest money nor spend it. They also qualify for matching funds if they run against an opponent who is taking money from special interests.

I believe the public will support the fair elections candidate because the constituents know that candidate will be responsive to them, not special-interest donors.

Darcy Crosman

El Sobrante

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