Selfish Move

By Lynn Davidson, Letter to the Editor

I SHARE Jean Rains' disappointment with the California Teachers Association's decision to oppose Proposition 89 ("Teacher's union should support Prop. 89"). While I, as a parent, support the rights of California's teachers to decent pay, benefits and working conditions, it is hard to see how the union's support of the current, corrupt pay-to-play system has benefited our schools and our children. Our schools still stink, with even fewer schools meeting the state's achievement goal this year than last year.

CTA leaders may feel that the clout achieved by buying elected officials is the best they can do to further the narrowest interests of their members, but it is certainly not in the public interest. Voters who are serious about doing what it takes to improve our schools, and this includes teachers, should vote yes on Prop 89.

Lynn Davidson

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