Which Way Is It?

By Craig Dunkerley, Letter to the Editor

I enjoyed the Tribune's article on the governor's speech at the Commonwealth Club ("Schwarzenegger shows his marketing muscle," July 20). As regards his comments on Proposition 89, I have a couple of thoughts. He says he doesn't support public financing of campaigns but would like to end the money-in, favors-out system now dominating Sacramento. This makes me wonder if he really knows what public financing, or clean money, is about since ending pay-to-play politics is precisely what is has proven to be effective at doing.

I understand he also commented that he had seen public financing in Europe and it didn't work. I wonder if he's seen it in Arizona and Maine, where it's been working for close to a decade. My hope is that his opposition to Prop. 89 is as tepid as his knowledge of it is weak.

Craig Dunkerley
San Jose

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