A Growing Trend

By Anita Fieldman, Letter to the Editor

Your editorial about public financing of San Rafael city elections makes it seem as if only two people are behind the idea.

Moira Brennan is the Northern California Director of the California Clean Money Campaign, a grassroots coalition of tens of thousands of citizens and organizations who want money, special interests and lobbyists out of the election process.

Support for the effort here, called Marin Clean Elections, is growing as voters learn that "clean" campaigns increase diversity and citizen participation, create more public confidence in government, and allow politicians to spend time on issues rather than raising money.

The IJ's opposition is predictable.

The conservative newspaper in Portland, Ore. used the same arguments against its clean election proponents. However, after public education and support, the Portland City Council passed what they aptly term "Voter Owned Elections."

It's a growing trend for citizens to take back their government from monied interests and have elected officials be accountable only to the voters.

Marin Clean Elections will spend the next several months educating voters and inviting public participation (isn't that refreshing) in formulating the best plan to present to the San Rafael City Council, guided by the success of Maine, Arizona and a growing number of cities across America to make government responsive to the people, not to campaign contributors.

Anita Fieldman,

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