Proposition 89: It's Only Fair

By Wolfgang H. Rosenberg, Letter to the Editor

Your Oct. 15 voter guide did not rise to the standard I expect from The Times. Describing Proposition 89 as "public financing of campaigns," you omit the history and purpose of this initiative. And when you claim in the main argument against it that "it's a power grab by a union, the California Nurses Assn.," you force me to call your bluff. Shame on you for wrongly attacking the nurses.

As one of millions of equally disenfranchised voters in California who wince when only money and money-raising get the attention of editors in the major media, I would have you more accurately describe Proposition 89 as being a "power grab" by those of us who believe that it's high time the money-changers are swept out of our election temples.


Santa Cruz

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