Proposition 89: It's Only Fair

By Darcy Crosman, Letter to the Editor

The Times' editorial claims that a tax on corporations and banks to fund an election reform program is unwise and unfair. But how is it fair that corporate influence unduly dominates our political process? From what I've seen so far, with just a few exceptions, corporations are really only interested in serving themselves â€" not the public interest. Because the corporate share of responsibility to the public via corporate tax dollars has steadily declined both nationwide and statewide for the last decade or so, I say let them contribute to a system that really will bring fairness to all â€" voters included. Right now, voters feel so cut out of the process that many don't bother to come to the polls. With full public financing of elections in place, more people would want to run for office and get involved in politics because they would be able to make a real difference.


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