Making Corporations Pay Under Prop. 89 is Fair

By Craig Dunkerley, Letter to the Editor

Re "Public Financing of Campaigns Is the Right Idea, but Prop. 89 Is Wrong Way to Do It," column, Sept. 14

I'm grateful for George Skelton's praise of Proposition 89's provisions for the public financing of campaigns, but I'm sorry to see that he's so concerned about how it will be funded.

He asks: If it's good for the whole state, why should only corporations pay for it?

I submit that because corporations currently wield the lion's share of the disproportionate influence in Sacramento, it seems appropriate to have them fund the minuscule cost of correcting that problem.

This seems additionally appropriate when one realizes that it is primarily because of this huge, disproportionate influence that their tax rate is less than it was in 1980. Seems fair to me.

San Jose

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