The Campaign to Clean Up Politics

By Veaney McIrvin, Letter to the Editor

Re "I hate the Ethics Commission," Opinion, March 19

I was moved by Bill Boyarsky's statement, "Big money dominates politics, and we can't do much about it." But the truth is, we can. With so many good causes, from healthcare to the environment, our energy as politically active individuals is being dispersed and diluted. Instead of running around putting out one small fire after another, we could elect politicians whom we trust to represent their constituents rather than being beholden to big corporate money, which has sadly become a necessity to run a campaign.

Campaign finance reform is the answer: the core issue that could address all other issues being undermined by the way "big money dominates politics." This isn't just in theory. Maine, Arizona and Connecticut have passed clean-money election laws, and AB 583 is in the state Senate. If we make our voices heard, it could actually pass and address some of Boyarsky's disillusioned yet valiant hopes for government.


Santa Monica

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