Examining Candidates, Issues and Financing

By Aaron D. Cervantes, Letter to the Editor

Richard Hasen's idea of providing public campaign financing for city elections in the form of $25 vouchers for citizens to give to candidates (Commentary, May 10) is an interesting way to address L.A.'s campaign financing crisis.

Unfortunately, it would reinforce the negatives of the existing system. Without a mechanism for providing funds to strong but little-known candidates so they can get their message out, it would lock in the popularity contest aspect of private fundraising. It would reward the best-known candidates with the most dollars instead of leveling the playing field.

Conversely, under a Clean Money full public financing system, all candidates who qualify for public grants receive equal amounts of funding to run their campaigns after they've proven their viability by showing a broad base of support, refusing private donations, and agreeing to limit campaign spending.

Aaron D. Cervantes

Latino Outreach Manager
California Clean Money Campaign
Los Angeles

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