The Reform That Makes Other Reforms Possible

*Letter to the Editor

By Jo Seidita

"Yank the 'For Sale' Sign" (editorial, Oct. 26) addresses the root of the major sociopolitical problem facing the state and the nation. The corruption and the appearance of corruption when large sums of money change hands from special interests seeking government favors to elected officials whose votes can grant those favors undermine our democracy and the faith of citizens in their government.

Imagine our elected officials spending all their time working on the state's business and being responsible to the voters who elected them, rather than spending up to 50% of their time courting dollars from special-interest lobbyists. Imagine our state legislators being free to vote on the merits on the issues they face, rather than following the wishes of the special-interest lobbyists who pad their reelection funds. Clean money/clean elections could indeed be the reform that makes other reforms possible.

Jo Seidita
Pres., Calif. Clean Money Campaign

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