Corporate political spending

By Anjuli Kronheim, Letter to the Editor

Re "Corporations are unlikely to spend big on elections" (Comment, March 3):

James Sutton lauds the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which now allows corporations and unions to spend unlimited treasury funds in political campaigns. Sutton ignores two realities. First, the "fear factor" in Congress, legislatures and city councils. Members are constantly under threat from corporations and unions, which can unleash millions to trash them if they cast an unfavorable vote.

Second, there is no marketplace of ideas where each candidate is calling out their promises on an imaginary trading floor for the voter to consider. Special interests spend millions and drown out everyone else's voices.

There are solutions. In California, Proposition 15 will create a pilot program to ensure the secretary of state's election is not bought by special interests. In Congress, the Fair Elections Now Act does the same. In L.A., the city can prohibit contributions from corporations and unions seeking contracts with the city.


North Hollywood

The writer is a Los Angeles organizer with California Common Cause

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