Public Financing in Los Angeles

*Letter to the editor

By Wayne Williams

RE: New Pick gears up for Airport Panel (Daily News/Rich Orlov)

I sure wish I had $3,000.00 to throw around for a seat on an LA Commission, heck, I wish I had a whole lot more and maybe I could buy the Mayor out to remove noisy Stage 2 Jets at Van Nuys Airport (VNY), but then that would destroy our democracy wouldn't it?

Or is it already gone with so much money involved? Clearly our Mayor Hahn is a bought and paid for politician, we don't have to call him corrupt because we can see what he is by his actions.

The real test will be whether his new BOAC appointee W. Jerome Stanley is going to surprise everyone and get fired for fighting on behalf of the residents who have been abused by Hahn and our other Mayor's who could years ago easily improved our quality of life in the Valley. How? By acting to remove the nosiest jets and establishing a curfew on helicopters at VNY. It is more likely that residents will wake up and fire Mayor Hahn, by picking a Mayor who not only will act on behalf of residents, and not just those who speak with their pocket books. To make sure that happens, we must also press for full public funding of elections in Los Angeles and throw out any politician who doesn't support them as well.

Wayne Williams
Board Member / Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association
Chairman / SOHA Airport Noise Committee

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