Fantasy Gifts

By Jay Goldberg, Letter to the Editor

In response to the question: "If you inherited a fortune, what would be your charitable cause?"

We have to invest in basic education like after-school programs. But our overall issue is that a lot of money is in politics now, messing up the state of the government. CCMC - California Clean Money Campaign - is an organization that tries to take the influence of money out of politics, so I would give to them, too. By doing that we'd be addressing a lot of problems. Since I cannot do much about the state of traffic here, I would love to donate money to preserve open land and clean water and the raw beauty of nature. It would be wonderful for people to have a place to go and relax after 7 p.m. After that, I would love a house with a beach view for myself.

Jay Goldberg
Chief Financia Officer
The Coding Source LLC

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