Courts Likely to Uphold Prop. 89

By Allene Butler, Letter to the Editor

I just read your Sunday lead editorial against California Proposition 89 ("Prop. 89 won't clean up election campaigns." The attack on the California Nurses Association (didn't we go through this last year?) intrigued me enough to do some research on the subject.

According to sources on the Internet, participation by candidates is voluntary. Voluntary apparently is constitutional. I don't see support for your assumption that it is likely to be rejected as unconstitutional.

Also, it is working in other states where it has been instituted (Maine and Arizona) to reduce the growth of political spending. Your opposition to raising taxes is legendary; however, these days the rest of us are paying to lower someone else's taxes. I agree with the nurses, the League of Women Voters of California and many others: It's time for Proposition 89 and Clean Money in California.

San Pedro

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