Nothing getting done

By Lynn Davidson, Letter to the Editor

The reason our institutions are so feeble and that citizens have so little confidence in them is because of the stranglehold wielded by special interests over our political system.

Those interests like things just the way they are, so nothing changes.

There is something wrong with a system where our choices for California governor are between a couple of self-funded millionaires/billionaires and someone who has been around longer than everyone else so the money just flows to him and no one else can even run.

Let's return to a democratic system where big money doesn't call all the shots, normal citizens' interests are paramount, and change is possible.

One way to get there is through a voluntary system of public financing for elected officials to loosen that stranglehold. We can get this started by voting "yes" on Proposition 15 this June. For more information see

Lynn Davidson


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