State's Poverty Rate

By Lynn Davidson, Letter to the Editor

It should be no surprise that California's poverty rate is now No. 3. And it is not all due to immigration.

A Public Policy Institute of California taken in November revealed that 78 percent of California voters feel the state government is run by and for big corporate interests. Their priorities make wages lower, jobs less secure, and necessities more expensive for most of us.

The state's priorities could change over time if the Legislature passes the Clean Money bill, AB 583, which provides full public financing for election campaigns. If the public, instead of big companies, owned the politicians, we could pull ourselves out of poverty with policies that benefit average Californians.

AB 583 is currently being considered in the state Senate, having passed the Assembly in January. If the voters do not take control of the government, the rich will continue to get richer and everyone else poorer.

Lynn Davidson

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