Some Real Reform

By John Kabat

What this country needs is a good dose of congressional reform: reformation of the electoral college and state voting; reforms in presidential voting, such as instant runoff voting; reform in selecting Supreme Court justices; congressional pension reforms; line-item veto and continued reforms in campaign financing (Clean Money), to mention a few.

If we are going to have lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court, doesn't it make sense to have a legitimate consensus of senators approving such appointments by a supermajority vote as opposed to a simple majority?

Don't we expect such for constitutional amendments, treaties, overrides of presidential vetoes, impeachments and, in some states, even school budgets?

If we truly believe in a democracy, shouldn't we be encouraging third party candidates to run for office but not to have their vote "thrown away" if they cannot muster enough voters to unseat the majority party?

And, shouldn't all states have their electoral votes counted more proportionately than is currently established?

Why should voters be subjected to "winner takes all" electoral voters when the margin of victory is less that 1 percent of the vote? Nebraska and Maine don't. Clean money elections in Arizona and democracy go hand in hand. The constitutional framers didn't get it all right on their first try, e.g. slavery issues, women's rights, due process, etc. Isn't it time for some real reforms?

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