State Should Clean Up Campaigns

By Joe Ely, Letter to the Editor

Even the most cynical reader should be outraged after reading the article headlined "Governor hits the money trail" in the March 4 issue of The Valley Times about our governor's record-shattering fund raising.

Reporter Kate Folmar showed a clear connection between his donors and his policy decisions.

Arnold's most shameful sellout, so far, was his veto of legislation to allow the importation of lower priced prescription drugs from Canada while receiving $300,000 from pharmaceutical companies.

This is not just another case of his raiding the state treasury or degrading environmental protections in order to return favors to his contributors. It's about life or death.

The best way to remove the "For Sale" sign from our state government is to enact system of public campaign financing called Clean Money.

The Clean Money system has been working with great success in the states of Maine and Arizona for several years.

Both states have passed balanced budgets on time while increasing public services.

Maine has enacted the nation's most universal health care system, and Arizona has increased funding for community colleges and universities, child care assistance and other programs for the people. California needs the Clean Money system.

Joe Ely


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