Persecution of Perata

By Karla Bean, Letter to the Editor

It's disgusting that federal agents are involving themselves in the state-level affairs of our strongest Democrat, Sen. Don Perata, for operating like every other politician, including Gov. Schwarzenegger, the $26 million man!

Meanwhile, Tom DeLay thumbs his nose at the nation while stepping way over the line.

Since the Bush administration is responsible for setting a national example, perhaps the first order of business when our legislators reconvene should be to change the rules to protect Perata ... just in case.

Maybe someone with federal-level connections caught wind that Perata is considering co-sponsoring Assemblywoman Loni Hancock's bill next year to allow public campaign financing in California, which would benefit the public interest at the expense of powerful special interests, the very types of charges they're leaking all over the place about. It's pathetic.

Why is it the FBI never seems to be doing any investigating at the federal level anymore?

Clean up your own back yard first and maybe next time your motivations won't be viewed with suspicion.

Karla Bean


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