Join the Growing 'Clean Money' Movement

By Bernard Feldman, Local Columnist

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We’re mad as hell and we ain’t gonna take it no more.

Our country is being occupied by a foreign power â€" Big Money. Big Money spends $5 million a day to buy our lawmakers and gets in return $6 billion a year in tax breaks, subsidies and other sweet deals lifted from our pockets.

Know Ye! Know Ye! There is a gun-free insurgency taking place against these occupiers that is being fought with Clean Money.

It is happening right now in Arizona and Maine and is about to happen in California in the form of Assembly Bill AB 583. From these states it will spread to the whole country. You are invited to join in this insurgency by logging on to and/or attending a local meeting at the Aptos Public Library at 6:30 pm. on Wednesday, Sept. 21. That is how you can learn how and why the Clean Money weapon works.

In brief, here is how it works: Candidates for public office voluntarily agree to forego private election campaign financing whereupon they are provided with public funding for their campaigns. This sounds utopian and easily defeated by the Big Money boys, but it is working in Arizona and Maine â€" and in Maine it actually led to universal health care.

I liken this movement to Dec. 16, 1773, when the “Sons of Liberty†dumped 45 tons of tea into Boston Harbor that led to the defeat of the British Big Money occupiers, the East India Company, led by their King George.

I’m so excited about this movement that I wrote the following song. Try singing it in the shower as I do; it will lift your spirits.

Clean Money
Beats Dirty Dough
(to the tune of “Brother Can You Spare a Dimeâ€)

Once we had elections
That were fair
Now big money runs the show
We can have elections that are fair
Clean money beats dirty dough

Arizona and Maine
Show the way
Elections need to go
Arizona and Maine
Now can say
Clean money beats dirty dough

AB five eighty three
Will win out
And big dollars will go
Californians will see
Why we shout
Clean money beats dirty dough

Once we had a party
Inolde Boston
And we made King George go
Now we have a smarty
George’s son
We can make King George go.


(Escalating tones and volume)
Beats dirty
Clean money

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