Yes on Prop 89

By Carol Larson, Letter to the Editor

On no issue in November are the lines more clear than Proposition 89, the initiative to curb political corruption and crack down on the stranglehold of the HMOs, big insurance, oil and drug companies and other deep pocket interests.

Close to 300 good government and community organizations and leaders have endorsed Prop. 89 (see the full list at

The opposition is equally revealing: a broad swath of corporate interests.

What they fear is losing their disproportionate influence over public policy and our elections. Prop. 89 would overhaul this corrupted system.

At a time when Californians are increasingly disenchanted with our political system and voter participation in elections is plummeting, Prop. 89 stops the erosion of our democracy. Vote yes on Prop. 89.

Carol Larson

See the article on Petaluma Argus Courier website

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