Yes on Prop. 15

By Nick Shestople, Letter to the Editor

Most everyone agrees that there is too much money driving the political process. These aren't bribes, but how do you say "no" when a $10,000 donor makes a suggestion?

Several states - Arizona, Connecticut and Maine, and several cities - have already adopted the fair elections concept. Proposition 15, the California Fair Elections Act, will establish a test case for electing the secretary of state in 2014 and 2018, eliminating the need for candidates to raise money for their campaigns. Financing will instead come from a special fund created by charging an annual $350 fee on Sacramento lobbyists and their employees. No taxpayer or other public funds will be used.

In 1998, the better-funded candidates won 79 percent of the Arizona elections. In 2002, with fair elections in place, funding disparities were a factor in only 2 percent of races.

It's time California cleans up its act. This is a small first step. Vote yes on Prop. 15.

Nick Shestople


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