Proposition 15 is a good start

By Larry Parrish, Letter to the editor

I wonder, is anyone out there sick and tired of corporate money and other well-heeled special interests running (and ruining) our government? The people's government? If so, I strongly recommend voting yes on Proposition 15 in the upcoming June election. Prop. 15 isn't the be-all end-all solution to the problem, but it's a good start.

You may not like the idea of publicly funded elections, but with "big money" out, public financing is the rational alternative. Prop. 15 removes the ban on public financing of campaigns, and opens the door to all cities, counties and state offices to explore the option.

It also installs a pilot project to publicly finance Secretary of State candidates in 2014 and 2018. Again, a beginning.

I'm also wondering if The Herald will join other endorsers of Prop. 15 ? Namely, the San Francisco Chronicle, L.A. Times, Bakersfield Californian, LA Daily News, San Jose Mercury, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, and others. Also League of Women Voters, California Nurses Association, AARP, California Clean Money Campaign, Sierra Club, Consumer Federation of California, and others.

Larry Parrish
Carmel Valley

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