Cut the Strings: Vote Yes on Prop 89

* Don't let the suffragists down - vote for Prop 89!

By Tara Marchant, Letter to the Editor

Clean money has jumpstarted in Maine and Arizona, and the constituents like it. They are voting for people who they know represent their interests because Clean Money elections create a level playing field. Local candidates can spend time meeting voters, rather than calling or entertaining power brokers.

In fact, in Maine and Arizona both parties now favor and use Clean Money because they know they are winning against the imbedded incumbents who owe favors. (Read for details on how matching funds help qualified candidates fight the deep pockets.) This is a bi-partisan opportunity.

Watching KQED's weekend "NOW with David Brancaccio," a program that spotlighted the movement towards cutting the money strings from politics, my first thought was, "How opportune," followed by, "How could anybody not want to run to the polls and vote Prop 89?"

We are currently facing the lowest voter turn outs in history. Each election, from local to national, finds fewer committed constituents. The corporations aren't complaining. Neither are the oil companies. They know that their financial, political and strategic gains are ensured through low turnout at the polls. Recent history indicates that we have less and less impact on their insidious maneuvering of the political machine because we have simply stopped voting and caring.

I implore every reader to find the value in the lesser-known initiatives because they become a blueprint to which our representatives must abide. We did this overwhelmingly in the special elections - let's keep the government accountable to the voters.

An hour of your day on Tuesday, Nov. 7, can bring sanity, and fairness, and a major shift towards true democracy. Don't let the suffragists down - their 72 years of struggle deserve one hour of your day - Vote for Prop 89!

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