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AB 1416, Ballot DISCLOSE Act

AB 1416 the Ballot DISCLOSE Act that have the same language, starting in different houses.  So our materials describe them both.

AB 1416 Two-Page Information Sheet

AB 1416 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AB 1416 Answers to Concerns — Especially for speakers.

AB 1416 Endorsers

AB 1416 Endorsement Form — For organizations or individuals.

AB 1416 Poll Results

Official AB 1416 Language

AB 1416 Paper Petition — Be sure to print in "landscape" mode.

SB 1360, Disclosure Clarity Act

SB 1360 (Umgerg-Allen), the Disclosure Clarity Act, is the first bill in the nation to require online ads to disclose their top contributor on the ads themselves, as well as stopping abuses of the California DISCLOSE Act on TV, video, print ads, and initiative, referendum, and recall petitions.

SB 1360 Three-Page Information Sheet

SB 1360 Initiative Petition Mockups

SB 1360 Endorsement Form for Organizations and Individuals

Official SB 1360 Language

Other Clean Money Materials

Clean Money Membership Form

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