"A short saying oft contains much wisdom" -- Sophocles


Assembly floor debate on AB 583, KPCC "Air Talk" and NPR discussions, and Ed Asner and Jim Hightower.


The "Road to Clean Elections", CBS Evening News, Andy Rooney, testimony from Cleanly elected officials, and more...


"Clean Money [...] means that California government will become more responsive to its citizens rather than to campaign contributors."

Bob Stern, President of the Center for Government Studies, Los Angeles


"After a few months of doing it, I was realizing how it was wonderfully shifting my focus more completely back to my constituency."

Former State Sen. Susan Longley, (D, Maine). Ran and elected "Clean" in 2000.


"The governor and Legislature are not in charge of state government. Sacramento is owned by Indian gambling interests, and, to roughly the same extent, by prison guards."

Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times, January 17, 2003


"I volunteer because Clean Money will give everyone an equal voice -- the American dream of true democracy. What's more important than that?"

Catherine Ashworth, Website Volunteer, San Francisco


"I'm tired of Paul always talking about special interest we've got to pay attention to who is buttering our bread."

Colleague of former U.S. Senator Paul Simon (D-Ill.)


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